Tyson Sundust wins mixed martial arts debut by TKO at Northern Quest 

SPOKANE – Colville tribal member Tyson Sunday has been referred to as the Sundust kid, but he’s no kid. 

After having his named announced by the PA announcer, the 20-year-old Tyson Sundust made his way down the stairs and to the cage 

As he was jogging to the cage, Sundust was holding up the Colville Confederated Tribes flag above his head, representing his tribe in his amateur-fighting debut. 

In the opening seconds of the fight, Sundust landed a few combo punches and would begin to dictate the tempo of the fight. 

“We planned on staying on our feet and use striking to make it more exciting,” said Sundust. 

About a minute and 15 seconds into the first round, Sundust locked up with his opponent, Faizon Rawlins, and within a second, Rawlins was down to the mat on his back. 

“I landed a couple of heavy body shots with my knees to slow him down,” said Sundust. “I used my wrestling ability and good body position to slam him with a leg sweep and get top mount and finish the fight with some major ground and pound.” 

Sundust jumped on top of Rawlins and started throwing punch after punch, landing most of them to the head area as Rawlins was trying to cover up as best he could. 

Not more then one minute and 32 seconds into the fight round of the fight, the ref would deem the fight over by way of TKO (strikes).

Sundust would be victorious in his first ever-armature MMA fight on Saturday (May 18) night at the Conquest of the Cage, held at Northern Quest Resort and Casino and presented by Excitefight. 

“I’ve always been a competitor growing up so it felt good to compete again and just being in the cage was a blessing, because it’s been a dream of mine since I was a little kid,” said Sundust. 

Sundust had a good contingent of fans in support most of them hangout out of their seats. 

“I was nervous!” said Dwayne Ives, Tyson’s former high school wrestling coach at Omak - and uncle. “The day of the fight I spent a lot of time thinking about Tyson. 

“By match time I was nervous. Some family wanted me to go live on Facebook. I couldn’t do that and watch the fight! My nerves were too much. I was very nervous for him, but he did great.” 

“Tyson’s first fight was great!” said Jorge Juarez, coach/trainer for Sundust. “Executed the game plan perfectly, I told him I wanted him attacking the body right away from the start of the fight and he did exactly that.” 

“Got the job done, definitely proud of the way he performed!” 

For Ives, he got to watch his family member win his debut fight and he hopes to see him fight again. 

I hope the next fight is easier on me,” said Ives with a laugh. “Have to say Northern Quest had a great venue and was very organized.” 

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