Talliyah Timentwa leads her team to victory in the Jr. Relay championship at Waterville

WATERVILLE – At just 12-years-old, Talliyah Timentwa (Colville tribal member) is fearless. Sporting her orange jersey with ribbons hanging from the arms, Timentwa jockey for Timentwa Express is quickly becoming one of the top young jockeys in the region for the Jr. Indian Relay.

She just added to her resume this past weekend.

After starting off the race in the middle she worked her way back to the front of the pack, eventually leading Timentwa Express to the win at the Jr. Relay Championship Race on Sunday (Aug. 29) afternoon at Waterville’s North Central Washington Fair.

Timentwa just a month ago rode down the treacherous 220-foot Suicide Race Hill in a practice setting because she’s still too young to race in the actual Suicide Race, but she’s translated that on to the racetrack as she rides with no fear.

The start of the race for the Jr. Relay Race was a little rocky as horses were ready to start galloping right when they reached the grandstands.

Mane Rider Pakootas, jockey for Northwest Express got things started off as he jumped to the front and held the lead around the first turn, down the backstretch and all the way until the first exchange of horses.

Timentwa’s exchange box was at the very back, so she was able to get in there and avoid any congestion and was able to get without any problems.

Rider Pakootas was one of the first ones out of the exchange box area and was back out in the lead, until Timentwa chased him down on the backstretch where she would eventually passed him and took the lead.

Flying down the backstretch, Chenoa Erickson jockey for DTM Express was making up a lot of ground on the Pakootas and Timentwa as they neared the final turn and into the homestretch.

Timentwa would go on to hold off Erickson for the win. Erickson and DTM Express placed second with Pakootas and Northwest Express placing third.

Garrett Mason, jockey of Mason Relay placed fourth and Tanner Whitelaw jockey for Whitelaw Express placed fifth.

It was a very successful weekend for Timentwa Relay as they placed second on Saturday’s race and by the end of the weekend had earned $1,528 in prize money.

Mason Relay placed first on Saturday’s race, as they earned $955 in prize money.

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