11th annual Shane Proctor Bull/Steer riding school brings tribal and non-tribal youth from all over the region along with top bull riders 

NESPELEM – Sometimes the best ideas can come at the oddest times of the day. 

From what started out as an idea in the wee hours of the night or early morning, now 12 years later an annual tradition has quietly taken hold during the first week of April. 

While he was driving to the next rodeo, professional bull rider Shane Proctor thought about his hometown and the community where he came from. 

“12 years ago I was driving to Worcester Massachusetts and I was driving all night and I just got thinking about putting on a school here,” said Proctor. 

After coming up with the idea of putting on a bull riding school, Proctor wanted to see that become a reality. 

“So I called up my parents [Gordon and Kathy Proctor] and they called up Chick and Sindy Jackson and they ended up making it all happen,” said Proctor. 

“And about four months later, we were having the school.” 

Over a decade later, Proctor along with family and friends have put on the Shane Proctor bull/steer riding school, an annual event held at the Nespelem Rodeo Arena in honor of Colville tribal member Anthony “Stoney” Covington. 

This marks the 11th year that Proctor has put on the clinic for tribal and non-tribal youth as 44 youngsters between the ages of 12-to-18 got to learn the basics in a two-day hands on clinic with some of the top instructors in the country. 

“I think it’s a great opportunity because I get to work on my moves, and I got a lot of practice,” said Garrett Mason, (Colville Tribal member) of Inchelium. “It was a great year again, I met a lot of other kids and made new friends.” 

This is Mason’s fifth year of participating in the Bullriding/Steer school and is something he looks forward to every spring. 

“This is an event I do look forward to every year,” said Mason who’s currently in the 8th grade. “It’s really fun. I think it’s cool that Shane will come back to his home town and tech the youth.” 

Along with Proctor (the 2011 (PRCA) world champion bull rider) he also had a few of his buddies lending a hand to the youth. 

Other professional bull riders included Chase Dougherty, Dalan Duncan, Rosco Jarboe, Brady Portenier, Garrett Smith, and Derek Kolbaba. Kolbaba was a student at Proctor’s school around five years ago. 

“It’s awesome having these guys come here,” said Proctor. “They get to experience our heritage and it means a lot that there here helping the youth.” 

All of the stock at the school were provided by the Katich family of Red Knection K Bulls, based out of Keller as well as Corey and Lange Rodeo Company from Moses Lake, and some more from the Soap Lake area. 

“Without them we couldn’t really do what we do,” Proctor said. “Everybody donates their time and so it’s a community effort to bring this all together. 

The two-day event, began on April 2 and concluded on April 3 as participants in the camp were experienced first hand how to go about certain situations that can arise in the dangerous business of bull riding. 

One of the biggest things Proctor wanted the youth to go away with. 

“I just hope they learn life lessons,” said Proctor. “Teach them life lessons about if you get knocked down, you get back up, if you want something, you gotta work for it.” 

Proctor expressed he’s still competing and will be riding next weekend in Nevada and Colorado. 

“I’ve just been riding bulls and broncs and continuing down the rodeo trail,” Proctor said. “I got hurt last year so I spent about four months out,but I got Logandale Nevada next weekend and the Denver All-Star Rodeo that weekend too, so we stay busy competing all though the year.” 

Award winners from the Shane Proctor Bull riding/steer school

Below is a listing of the the students that came away with awards at this year’s 11th annual Shane Proctor Bull riding/steer school held down at the Nespelem Rodeo Grounds April 2-3.

Stoney Covington Memorial Buckle - J C Merriott

Custom Shane Proctor Chaps - Dusty Rose

Proctor Spur Package - Sydney Sparks

Julia Baugher Leather Design

Grittiest - Taillyah Timentwa

Most Inspirational - Garrett Mason

Traveling Money Awards - Moses Luevano, Cole Hill, C J Shultz, andMane Pakootas

Ridin' Rank Scholarship - Connor Dean, Justin Dean, Dally Nussbaumer, Josh McMillan, and Kaiden Palmer. 

Your Fees are Paid Scholarship - Corey Perryman and Max Smith

Beastmaster Rodeo Gear Awards - Sage Terbasket, Conner Picking and Hunter Nussbaumer.

Below is a list of kids from the Colville Confederated Tribes that participated in the Shane Proctor Bull riding/steer school and the barrel racing clinics held last week at the Nespelem Rodeo Grounds.

Steer Riders

William Labro – Nespelem

Blayne Picard – Nespelem

Taillyah Timentwa – Nespelem

Kamie Pakootas – Omak

Sydney Sparks – Omak

Garrett Mason – Inchelium

Aiden Pakootas – Inchelium


Bull Riders

Moses Luevano – Coulee Dam

Curtis Picard – Nespelem

Bryce Wipple – Nespelem

Kaiden Palmer – Coulee Dam

Nate Fulton - Nespelem


Barrel Racers

Addy Boesel – Brewster

Pepper Boesel – Brewster

Hannah Schumacher – Inchelium

Harmony Pakootas – Inchelium

Lelah Mason _ inchelium

Shandi Evens – Inchelium

Shelby Evens – Inchelium

Sydney Sparks – Omak

Taillyah Timentwa – Omak

Zoey Marchand – Omak


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