OMAK - Riley Prescott and Black Shay are closing in on the overall King of the Hill title. 

The duo would go on to win Saturday night’s race, taking a commanding lead in the overall points standings.

2019 overall winner Oliver Pakootas would go on to place second on Friday night and Danny Trevino placed third.

Scott Abrahamson placed fourth and Milo Pakootas Jr. placed fifth on Saturday night, in the third of four races.

Prescott is currently at 14 total overall points with one more race remaining on Sunday afternoon.

Scott Abrahamson currently sits in second place for the overall standings with 10 overall points and would need a lot of help if he’s going to win the overall title.

Just like Abrahamson, Oliver Pakootas would need to win Sunday's race and would need Prescott to place outside the top 5 to bring home the overall title. 

Abrahamson would need to win Sunday’s race and would need Prescott to place fifth or worse to bring home the overall title.

Official results of Friday night’s Suicide Race – Top 5

1st – Riley Prescott – Black Shay (5 points)

2nd – Oliver Pakootas – Onyx – (4 points)

3rd – Danny Trevino – Digger – (3 points)

4th – Scott Abrahamson – Duranimal – (2 points)

5th – Milo Pakootas Jr. – Spirit – (1 point)


Standings after Thursday night

1st – Riley Prescott  - Black Shay – (14 points)

2nd – Scott Abrahamson – Duranimal – (10 points)

3rd – Oliver Pakootas – Onyx – (9 points)

4th – Danny Trevino – Digger – (5 points)

5th – Josiah Desautel – Chief – (4 points)

6th – Milo Pakootas Jr.  – Spirit – (1 point)

6th – Loren Marchand – Augustus – (1 point)

6th – Levi Brotherton – Chief Dokey Ives – (1 Point)

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