WATERVILLE – After winning the overall title in this year’s World Famous Suicide Race less than a month ago Riley Prescott (Colville tribal descendant) kept on to his winning ways.

Prescott propelled Spqni Relay to the victory lane in the Sr. Indian Relay Championship race on Sunday (Aug. 29) afternoon at Waterville’s North Central Washington Fair.

Spqni Relay won Saturday’s race also as they would go on to win $4,450 in prize money, $3,750 of that would come from winning the championship race.

A dicey start came for the field at the beginning of the Sunday’s championship race as they had to be re-started a few times.

After a fast first lap teams begin to make their way to the exchange box area in front of the grandstands for the first of two exchanges. Omak Express would get to their exchange box first but Spqni Relay would jump out to the lead.

After taking the lead, Prescott didn’t relinquish it as he would go on to have a smooth second exchange and would have nothing but open track out in front of him as he coasted to the finish line in first place.

Omak Express and Thunder Wolf would battle it our for second place as Dreamer Best helped Proplet Thunder Wolf to second place on Sunday.

With back-to-back second place finishes, Thunder Wolf earned $2,670 in prize money and Omak Express earned $1,500 for their third place finish in Sunday’s championship race.

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