NESPELEM – Not wanting their accomplishments to go unnoticed, the Colville Business Council acknowledged a handful of tribal youth, Aug. 2 in the Council Chambers.

Colville Tribal Director of the Employment and Education Division Tammy James-Pino (Colville tribal member) was all smiles as she got to see Alonzo Adams, Jayce Pakootas and Tito Pakootas praised for their recent success in the sporting world.  

“We have a couple youth that are joining us today that have really significant accomplishments,” said James-Pino.

Adams and Pakootas were key players for the boys’ summer league team “The Young Guns, helping the team to the Native American Basketball Invitational Tournament Championship in Phoenix in mid-July.

The Young Guns beat the Oklahoma Runners 61-56 in the title game. Following their championship win, the team was able to go to Game 5 of the NBA Finals featuring the Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks.

“NABI is a pretty prestigious tournament,” said James-Pino. “I’m really proud of you, Alonzo. I know the Colville team kind of snuck up on them.”

“It takes a strong heart to accomplish what you did,” said Andy Joseph Jr., Chairman for the Colville Confederated Tribes. “You went against some of the toughest teams in the nation and prevailed, and that’s really something. You’ve made us very proud.”

Adams and Pakootas were both honored with Pendleton blankets.

CBC also honored Tito Pakootas, who jockeyed for Pakootas Relay helping the Colville team bring home the championship for the junior relay at the Crow Native Days.

“Tito has been at this for years and I’m really proud of you. I hope you keep going with the relay races,” said James-Pino.

“I like that smile, Tito,” said Norma Sanchez, Colville Confederated Tribes Business Councilwoman.

“It makes my heart really happy to see you here today and how you’re representing our tribe and our people,” said Joseph.

“I would like to thank Tammy and the Colville Business Council for honoring our youth Alonzo, Jayce, and Tito Pakootas today,” said Laura Pakootas, mother to Tito. “They went to national competitions and won in basketball and in junior relay. I know these boys have put in a lot of time and effort to get better and better in their craft and it means a lot for their elders to honor them. So thank you. It is much appreciated.”

To the far left, Alonzo Adams holds the NABI Tournament championship trophy and to the right and Tito Pakootas kneels in front of the Council Table

as both Colville youth were acknowledged for their recent success on Monday (Aug. 2) afternoon in Council Chambers before members of the Colville

Confederated Tribes Business Council.

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