Oliver Pakootas and Onyx win four in a row; claim first overall title

OMAK - After winning Saturday night’s Suicide Race, Oliver Pakootas (Colville Tribal member) and Onyx had sealed up the overall title, but they weren’t done yet.

Pakootas and Onyx went on to win Sunday’s fourth and final Suicide Race to win all four races this weekend.

“Man, this is pretty awesome,” said Pakootas “This has been my dream since I was a little boy.”

“I’m just proud of hell for our horse, our team, my wife and our family here.”

Getting a good start had been key for Onyx and Pakootas the past three races.

“We didn’t get the greatest start, but Onxy just pulled away,” said Pakootas.

After being the first one off the line, and the first one to the top of the hill, Onyx jumped out in front with no one near him.

Once the big grey horse got to the river, Pakootas knew that it was in the bag.

“Once he took those first two leaps out in the water, I knew we had it.” Pakootas said.  

Tarren Meusy (Colville Tribal member) and Lonesome would go on to finish second on Sunday afternoon, and Rocky Timentwa (Colville Tribal member) and Digger placed third on the final day of races.

Meusy of Inchelium finished tied for second overall with Josiah Desautel (Colville Tribal member) and Blur as both finished with eight total points earned.  Meusy placed second on Thursday and once again on Sunday.

Desautel placed second on Friday and Saturday night.

Last year’s champion Scott Abrahamson (Colville Tribal member) and Eagle Boy would finish fourth overall.

Timentwa and Digger would finish fifth in the overall standings as they finished with five overall points.

Top 5 results for the Sunday Suicide race: results are unofficial

 Place – Jockey – (Horse) – Owner  – points won

1st  – Oliver Pakootas – (Onyx) – Shawnnae & Oliver Pakootas – 5 points

2nd – Tarren Meusy – (Lonesome) – George Marchand – 4 points

3rd  – Rocky Timentwa– (Digger) –Daniel Trevino – 3 points

4th  – Andrew Whiteman(Dirty Dan)  –Casey Nissen – 2 points

5th  – Riley Prescott – (Black Shay) – David “Babe” Palmer – 1 points

Final Standings for the Overall title

Place – Jockey – (Horse) – Owner  – points won

1st  – Oliver Pakootas – (Onyx) – Shawnnae & Oliver Pakootas – 20 points

2nd – Tarren Meusy – (Lonesome) – George Marchand – 8 points

2nd – Josiah Desautel – (Blur) - Tim Holt / Tyler Peasley – 8 points

4th  – Scott Abrahamson – (Eagle Boy) – Scott Abrahamson – 6 points

5th  – Rocky Timentwa– (Digger) –Daniel Trevino – 5 points

6th  – Riley Prescott – (Black Shay) – David “Babe” Palmer – 4 points

7th  – Francis Marchand – (Schitzo Lenny) – Lacy & PJ Pakootas – 3 points

8th  – Andrew Whiteman(Dirty Dan)  –Casey Nissen – 2 points

8th  – Steven Ford – (Mufasa) – Zane Marchand/Leslie Herman – 2 points

10th – Loren Marchand – (Augustus) Loren Marchand/ Mike & Sheri Jones – 1 point

10th – Edward Marchand – (Jackpot) – Bronson Peterson – 1 point

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