Avy Offord is heading to Haskell as a two-sport athlete

Avy Offord is heading to Haskell as a two-sport athlete

Avoyelles Offord is the daughter of Moyesa Offord and Allen Offord, Jr, and goes by Avy. Her grandparents are Pamela and Francis Nason. Her Great-Grandparents were Inez and Ned Cleveland, and Mabel Simpson and Gilson Nason.

Avy lives in Seattle and attends Muckleshoot Tribal School, which is a part of the SeaTac 1B/2B League. Hofford was a two-sport athlete in Volleyball and Basketball. She signed a letter of intent to play both at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, KS. She was SeaTac First Team All-Conference where she played as a 5’8” Middle Blocker in Volleyball and Power Forward in Basketball.

Avy began playing volleyball in the seventh grade. She began playing basketball the next school year as an eighth grader. She lamented that she wished she began playing at a younger age. In August, she will leave for Lawrence, KS to begin her collegiate career. Her heart has always been set on Haskell, even as she was accepted to 23 colleges. Avy has been able to move to the next level without a hired coach, nor playing the AAU circuit. “I worked super hard to prove people wrong about needing special, specific coaches,” having been told that she would not be able to play at the next level without that specialized coaching.

Being a student-athlete is a delicate balance academically and athletically. Her coaches always told her, “Student comes before athlete.” She found it difficult at times, but loved to be on the court and competing too much to allow her grades to keep her from missing any games. “If you you love a sport so much, you will do whatever it takes to be on the court.” Dora Bringsyellow, Florence Starr, Taniesha Tilque, and Krystal Adolph helped her to become a better student-athlete and prepare for the next level. Her mom helped her achieve her goal of being a two-sport athlete playing at the collegiate level. “She pushed me to be the best I can be and was, and is, my number one supporter.

It will be exciting to watch Avy develop over the next few years. For those Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors moving up to fill the void of the graduating seniors, she offers the advice to, “Listen to your coaches, do your school work, always give your all at practice and work outside of practice, post season, and on your own. Nothing will be handed to you–you have to work for it.”

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