OMAK - Paris Marchand is one of four freshmen on this year’s varsity squad for the Omak high school girls basketball team. 

It can be daunting for some but this group doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. 

“I like to take advantage of it,” says Marchand. “I like to go out and play hard every game.” 

The other three freshmen are Aaliyah Marchand (tribal member), Sedeaju Michel and Alyssa Davis. 

“We’ve played together since we were in the fourth grade,” said Paris. “We have a lot of chemistry, and I’m just really glad that we got the opportunity to play up on varsity.” 

This is the one and only year that these four freshmen will get to play against Haily Van Lith, a senior for Cashmere who will be playing for the University of Louisville this next fall. 

Van Lith and the Cashmere community had created a lot of buzz on social media after it was confirmed that NBA legend Kobe Bryant was in attendance at one of Van Lith’s games to see her play. 

“Seeing her on my Instagram and social media makes it really exciting that I actually get to play against her,” said Paris. 

“She’s a great player,” said Mike Ables, head coach for the Omak girls basketball team. “You can’t take that away from her. She is good. We’re starting to play better and better against them (Cashmere). Not to take anything away from her, but I’m glad she’s graduating,” said Ables, as he laughs. 

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