Five Colville relay teams start year off at Muckleshoot Gold Cup, running at Emerald Downs in Auburn; Three teams make it to the championship race on Sunday 

AUBURN – There is a cliche in sports: It’s not how you start, it’s how you end. The gold at the end of the season is always the prize. In Indian Relay, that is the Championship of Champion Indian Relay Races (that will be in Walla Walla, Sept. 21-22 this year). 

For some, the beginning of any season is for getting back to their old form. 

But winning is nice too. 

Scott Abrahamson (Colville tribal member) had just finished up his final at Eastern Washington University in Cheney and then he was off to the other side of the state. 

Abrahamson would join his fellow tribal members and relay race teammates at the Third Annual Muckleshoot Gold Cup at Emerald Downs Racetrack in Auburn on Fathers’ Day weekend. 

Abrahamson Relay would go on to finish second overall in the championship race on Sunday afternoon. River Road would go on to win the Gold Cup. 

Results for the championship race; First place - River Road Relay. Second place Abrahamson Relay. Third place - Pikunii Express. Fourth place - Little Badger. Fifth place - Carlson Relay. Sixth place - Grizzly Mountain. Seventh place - Omak Express. 

This year’s Gold Cup featured five Colville relay race teams as Abrahamson Relay would be joined by Omak Express, Grizzly Mountain, Cayuse Express and last year’s Indian Relay championships in Northwest Express. 

Friday Night at Emerald Downs 

AUBURN – The Colville Confederated Tribes may have stole the show on the opening night as they had two relay teams win. Grizzly Mountain would go on to win the second heat and Omak Express would go on to win the third and final heat of the night. 

Grizzly Mountain with Jockey Oliver Pakootas (Colville tribal member) at the helm would go on to win the second heat on Friday night as they outlasted Little Badger, who placed second and Black Rock Relay who placed third. Nespelem local Casey Nissen, owner of Cayuse Express, would place sixth overall in the second heat. 

In the third of the night, Tyler Peasley (Colville tribal member), and Omak Express placed first followed by fellow tribal team Abrahamson Relay who finished second and Northwest Express who finished third, also a Colville tribal team. 

Saturday at the Gold Cup 

AUBURN – After getting a taste of victory on Friday night, Grizzly Mountain would once against get that feeling of crossing the finish line with no one ahead of them. 

Pakootas and company would go on to place first in the second heat of Saturday night, outlasting Pikunii Express (second place) and Northern Cree (third place). Cayuse Express would get disqualified for interference, as they would end up sixth in the second heat. 

Abrahamson Relay placed second in the first heat and Northwest Express placed third. Little Badger placed first in the first heat, racking up $1,500 for getting the win. 

Peasley and Omak Express placed third on Saturday night in the third and final heat of the evening. River Road Relay would go on to place first. Tissidimit placed second. 

Championship Sunday 

AUBURN – As championship Sunday rolled around, the top seven teams over the course of the past two days would duke it out for all the marbles. 

They only team entering the championship race that had won two races would be Pakootas and Grizzly Mountain. Little Badger, River Road Relay, Carlson and Omak Express all had won one race each. 

With near flawless exchanges throughout the race, River Road Express would go on to win this year’s Muckleshoot Gold Cup. 

After winning the Gold Cup last year, Abrahamson Relay would have to settle for second place. 

“Couldn’t ask for a better team,” said Abrahamson. 

“Just had a few bobbles in our exchanges that coasted us some wins.” 

Cayuse Express placed second in the first consolation race. 

Last year’s defending champions Northwest Express placed fifth in the second consolation race. 


Friday night’s results: 

Heat #1 

1st – Carlson ($1,500) 

2nd – Pikunii Express ($800) 

3rd – River Road Relay ($600) 

4th – S/M Express ($400) 

5th – Starr School ($300) 

6th – Redman Relay ($200) 

7th – Tissidimit – DQ ($200) 

Heat #2 

1st – Grizzly Mountain ($1,500) 

2nd – Little Badger ($800) 

3rd – Black Rock Relay ($600) 

4th – Amskapi Pikuni ($400) 

5th – Awa-Daa-Hey ($200) 

6th – Cayuse Express ($200) 

7th – Cedar Ridge ($200) 

Heat #3 

1st – Omak Express ($1,500) 

2nd – Abrahamson Relay ($800) 

3rd – Northwest Express ($600) 

4th – Northern Cree Express ($400) 

5th – Mountain Crow Relay ($300) 

6th – Mountain River ($200) 

7th – Umatilla Express – DQ ($200)


Saturday results: 

Heat #1 

1st – Little Badger ($1,500) 

2nd – Abrahamson Relay ($800) 

3rd – Northwest Express ($600) 

4th – Carlson ($400) 

5th – Starr School ($300) 

6th – Mountain River ($200) 

7th – Awa-Daa-Hey ($200) 

Heat #2 

1st – Grizzly Mountain ($1,500) 

2nd – Pikunii Express ($800) 

3rd – Northern Cree ($600) 

4th – Black Rock Relay ($400) 

5th - Mountain Crow Relay ($300) 

6th - Cayuse Express-DQ ($200) 

7th – S/M Express-DQ ($200) 

Heat #3 

1st - River Road Relay ($1,500) 

2nd – Tissidimit ($800) 

3rd – Cedar Ridge ($600) 

4th - Omak Express ($400) 

5th - Amskapi Pikunii ($300) 

6th - Umatilla Express ($200) 

7th – Redman Relay ($200) 

Championship Sunday results: 

Muckleshoot Gold Cup Consolation #1 

1st - S/M Express 

2nd - Cayuse Express 

3rd - Mountain Crow Relay 

4th - Mountain River 

5th - Awa Daa Hey 

6th - Redman Relay 

7th - Umatilla Express-DQ 

Muckleshoot Gold Cup Consolation #2 

1st - .Tissidimit 

2nd - Black Rock Relay 

3rd - Amskapi Pikuni 

4th - Starr School 

5th - NorthWest Express 

6th - Cedar Ridge 

7th - Northern Cree Express 

Muckleshoot Gold Cup Championship 

1st - River Road Relay 

2nd - Abrahamson Relay 

3rd - Pikunii Express 

4th - Little Badger 

5th - Carlson Relay 

6th - Grizzly Mountain 

7th - Omak Express 


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