WALLA WALLA – For the first time in the history of the Indian Relay Championship of Champions, a Ladies Relay was held and a champion crowned.

At just 13 years old, Talliyah Timentwa (Colville tribal member) became the first-ever winner of the Ladies Relay Championship at the Indian Relay Championship of Champions in Walla Walla, Sep. 20-22.

Not only is she the youngest jockey in the field, she may be the smallest too, but none of that seemed to matter.

Timentwa got off to a good start as she started off the championship race in second place. When it came time for the first exchanges of the race, Timentwa was able to get off her second horse and on to her second one within a matter of seconds.

After getting on her second horse, she was flying down the track and on the first corner of the second lap, Timentwa would end up chasing down Brailey Tissidimit, jockey for Tissidimit, for the lead.

As the two made their way down the backstretch, Timentwa kept her foot on the gas pedal, as she was able to hold off Tissidimit around the final corner and down the homestretch for the win.

Chenoa Erickson (Colville tribal member), jockey for Arrow Lakes Express, started off the race in third place and would keep that position until it came time to switching horses.

During the first and only exchange, Erickson overshot her exchange area, costing her precious seconds and as she mounted her second horse, the top riders were far down the track.

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