INCHELIUM – Kaylee Seymour (Colville tribal member) of the Inchelium High School Volleyball team took matters into her own hands against Columbia (Hunters) on Saturday afternoon.

Seeing her team trailing and slightly on the ropes midway through the second set, the senior stepped up and reeled off 14 straight points, giving the Lady Hornets a 22-10 lead.

“She has an amazing serve, and she’s used it all year,” said Mary Ludwig, Inchelium head coach. “She’s a really strong server.”

From there Inchelium would hold off Columbia, eventually winning the set 25-17 to take a commanding 2-0 lead in the match.

The Lady Hornets would eventually slam the door in the third set, winning 25-15 to beat Columbia in straight sets in Northeast 1B North League action.

“I think it’s going to bring our girls a lot of confidence,” said Ludwig

The Lady Hornets picked up their first win of the season, and they look to keep building momentum. 

“I don’t feel like we’ve been beat a whole lot this year. I feel like we’ve beat ourselves on little things,” Ludwig said.

Inchelium held an early 13-7 edge, midway through the first set. Columbia battled back to get within four points at two different times in the first set (13-17 and 16-20) but never got any closer.

Both teams went back and forth at each other with numerous lead changes and six ties in the second set.

The score when it was tied in the second set was (1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 5-5, 7-7, and 8-8).

Columbia took a brief 10-8 lead and then Seymour would go on to win 14 points on her serve. Inchelium held off a late rally by Columbia as the Lions narrowed the deficit to seven at the end of the second set.

Inchelium got off to a 5-1 lead in the third set, and expanded that to 10-2 and then 17-5. Columbia would battle back to win 10 of the next 15 points to narrow the margin to 22-15 but would get no closer.

Last year, Inchelium was unable to turn out the number of players required by the WIAA. As a result, there was no volleyball last year at Inchelium Hgh School.

“I truly feel that because they are so athletic, if they would have had a team last year and kept going with the program that they would have been absolutely competing with the top teams,” said Ludwig.

This year Ludwig feels her girls and have been right there with some of the top teams in the league.

“I think we still have a lot of room for improvement,” said Ludwig, however she feels that her girls aren’t too far off.

“We lost to Northport by three points, and they are number one in the entire state and they were really close for all three of those games,” Ludwig said. “These girls are beasts. “They go to state in softball and basketball every year, and I’m thinking, ‘we’re not going to let them not play volleyball this year?

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