2018-2019 was a very successful fiscal year for CCT Planning, with it culminating in one of our own, Senior Economic Planner Ernie Rasmussen, being awarded the 2019 Most Valuable Employee at Employee Appreciation Day.  In FY2019, CCT Planning 

•Procured $1,000,000+ in grants for the organization. The Tribes Grants Manager, Matthew Pleasants, implemented a number of positive changes in the grant development process resulting in improved frequency of grant submissions and improved success rate on grant applications.  The vast majority of grant submittals are written internally, the one grant that was outsourced yielded nearly a half million dollar return on investment.

•Spearheaded regional efforts in relation to both Parks Planning and Economic Development.  CCT Planning are active participants in the planning process with the local community, the Economic Development Administration (EDA), the WA Recreational and Conservation Office (RCO) and Northwest Tribes.  The tangible benefits to the Tribe from this are improved coordination and implementation on economic development ventures and improved competitiveness on grants applications.  The Tribe has ranked very highly on RCO and Commerce grant opportunities, and a major element of this success is the programs work in the region.   

We hope to build on a very strong 2018-2019 by making 2019-2020 the most productive year at CCT Planning yet.

Goals for 2019-2020

CCT Planning fully intends to produce a completed Comprehensive Plan by the end of FY20.  A Comprehensive Plan will lay out the Tribes Goals and Objectives for the next 30 years and will improve the Tribes competitiveness for both outside investment as well as grants.  The Tribe has gone without a Comprehensive Plan update since 1988.  The reason for the lack of an update are varied, with Planning working on elements at certain times between ’88 and ’19, however after the major investments the CBC and Administration have made in CCT Planning from 2015-2019, we are now in a place where we can complete this document internally.  

CCT Planning bases its Planning documents on requirements laid out in the WA Growth Management Act (GMA), and Planning intends for the final CCT Comprehensive Plan to be much more thorough than a typical Tribal Comprehensive Plan.  The elements of CCT Planning’s forthcoming Comprehensive Plan are:  Land Use, Housing, Capital Facilities, Utilities, Transportation, Economic Development and Parks/Recreation.  

Land Use forms the basis of the entire Comprehensive Plan, and CCT Planning procured no-cost technical assistance from Eastern Washington University to assist in the completion of this element.  A key outcome of our Land Use Plan will be identifying strengths and weaknesses in the existing land use development process and working with the community and stakeholders to plan and implement a process that makes things easier on the membership and simultaneously ensures protections of the tribes natural resources.

Land Use & Permitting Changes in FY2020

Effective with the new fiscal year, CCT Planning has re-assumed duties related to Land Use and Permitting.  These functions were previously completed by employees of the Public Works Department.  Historically, the Tribe has done good work in relation to permitting and we aim to continue to provide the high level of professionalism and efficiency that has come to be expected of permitting and land use.  

William J. Marchand

CCT Planning Director 

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