Unclaimed photo

Three children, presumably local, are enjoying a Christmas tree.

One, a little boy, seems infatuated with the ornaments. Another sister appears to be sitting on a stuffed animal. The oldest sister smiles from the back with a book opened in her arms.

A photo from the black and white era has been hanging on the wall of the Nespelem Tech Center for years now, Information Technology's Val Palmer said, awaiting the owner to come back for it.

"We didn't want to throw it away," she said.

For good reason, this appears to be an important piece of someone's family history.

If you wish to claim this photo, it is tacked on the wall at 502 9th St. in Nespelem.

The photo will continue to hang for the foreseeable future. If anyone can remember these children, it would be great to the photo returned to their family.

It's a piece of history that has no owner.

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