Even though Washington State no longer requires high school seniors to participate in a senior project and presentation, Inchelium High School does. The board and administration understand the importance of discovering life beyond graduation. As a student mentor and judge, I agree. 

This year, 13 Inchelium seniors spent much of the year studying a topic they were interested in. Some considered theirs a career choice and others discovered their topics would not be a wise choice. 

Project duties they performed throughout the year included: job search and creating a resume, community service hours, twenty-five mentor hours, "Who Am I" paper, learning how to fill out job applications, college prep and more.

This year's topics included: wildlife biology, forestry, music production, video animation, Quinault Indian housing, law enforcement and game warden, fisheries, counseling, meat processing, Geo Duck Diving, which was the most unexpected yet most entertaining subject. 

Judges scored on: student appearance, presentation introduction and conclusion, content, conclusion, and how the presenter handled questions from judges and the audience. Presentations had a time frame of 8-10 minutes. 

Presentations must have a score 56 to pass, and a perfect score consists of 70. Those who don't pass the first time, which happens, have a second chance to present.

Congratulations to the following for passing your senior project presentations and moving onto graduation: Joey Rosario, Damion DeLaCruz, Garrett Seyler, Emily Zacherle, AJ Seymour, Cheyanne Agan, Brenton Swan, Kendra McKinney, Jake Flett, Cloey Simpson, Meika Heath, Surena Villega, and Duran Marchand. 

Carmen Peone is an author based out of Inchelium, Wash. 

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