Diabetes, Heart Disease, Lung and Renal Conditions 

• New CDC reports show patients with underlying health conditions are far more likely to die from Covid-19. 

• Health Conditions – Diabetes, Heart Disease, Lung and Renal Conditions. 

• 19.5% of the cases have resulted in DEATH. Nearly 1 out of 5 patients.

What to Do 

• Get Help Immediately- Call your doctor if you recognize any symptoms such as: loss of smell, diarrhea, strange looking toes, cough, fever, dizziness, fatigue, headache, runny nose, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, pink eye, and sore throat. 

• Test Your Blood Sugar- A sudden drop or rise could be the first symptom. 

• Wear masks and cover your eyes for maximum safety protection and advise others to do so in your presence. 

• Sanitize everything and stay home if possible. 

• Take a daily vitamin with doctor recommended daily doses. 

• Pre-diabetics are also at-risk and need to take safety precautions seriously. • Collect health supplies and prepare.

Colville Tribal Diabetes Prevention Program

Contact Info


Charlene BearCub- Program Manager

Office: (509)634-2987

Email: Charlene.BearCub.dib@colvilletribes.com

Raylene Ensminger- Administrative Assistant

Main Office: (509)634-2970

Email: Raylene.Ensminger.dib@colvilletribes.com

Fax (509)634-2819

Chante Westerman-

 Grant Manager

Office: (509) 634-2996

Email: Chante.Westerman.dib@colvilletribes.com


Lisa True- Health Educator

Office: (509)422-7502

Cell Phone: (509)978-8141

Email: Lisa.True.dib@colvilletribes.com

Melanie Seymour-

Health Educator

Cell Phone: (509)978-9057

Email: Melanie.Seymour.dib@colvilletribes.com

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