Each year, TribalTribune.com gets more than 250,000 views on its website. Many times, these views are the result of shares from our Facebook page, or other social media sites we manage.

Analytics we receive tell us what people who like and share our stuff are most interested about. By looking at the numbers, we see trends.

Here are the top stories of 2018, with our commentary in italics. Feel free to go online and re-read some of these stories, in case you missed them!



Marchand and Jackpot hold off Abrahamson and Eagle Boy for opening night win

Upset alert on the first night of the Omak Stampede and World Famous Suicide Race.



Tribes call for community members to wear purple and turquoise, honoring suicide prevention

Because this was around the time of the Suicide Race, jockeys wore the ribbons too. “Every effort, big and small, brings us one step closer to our goal of eliminating an illness or supporting a loved one’s struggle.” Those words were included in the event.



Two new wolf packs confirmed on Colville Reservation

Wolf conservancy has generated its own packs, if you will, of people who follow and support wolves nationwide. It’s a polarizing issue here too. But whenever we post stories about wolves here at the Tribune, there’s always bound to be non-member commenting that sparks a sometimes fiery debate.

Here are some real comments made on our Facebook page that illustrate that.

Mario G. says: To kill a wolf, PERIOD, is despicable.

Jim B. says: Sounds like some city people sounding off come out to the re and go for a long walk see if you make it home

Dagmar R. says: Colville Reservation and (hunter who killed wolf) Protect the few wolves you have there and in your state. ... Hunting predators is WRONG. WOLF is your brother and teacher. A dead wolf teaches you nothing but white man’s evil and killing ways.

Ted P. says: (Hunter who killed wolf), don’t let these folks shame you out of your wolf kill. They know nothing of wildlife management and what it takes to maintain a healthy population of deer and elk herds that happen to feed hundreds of tribal members. Your kill was perfectly legal, moral and justified. You have a lot of brothers and sisters in support out here who do not fall prey to the “shaming” of our hunting culture.



Going to Sundance: Tribal member produces documentary selected for renowned film festival

If you haven’t heard of the documentary Akicita: The Battle of Standing Rock, look into it. Tribal member Benalex Dupris has done some amazing work on the front lines of the peaceful protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota.



EWU coach has BIG small town following

Eti Ena, a non-tribal father of four tribal members, is the associate head coach at Eastern Washington University. He has helped the Eagles reach the national championship game for the second time. On Jan. 5 at 9 a.m. on ESPN2, EWU will face North Dakota State for a chance at the trophy. Ena is a 1992 graduate of Inchelium High School and appreciates the local support.



State of Emergency on suicide declared

This is the second time in the past five years a state of emergency has been declared on the Colville Reservation. Far too many losses, especially in our reservation youth, are occurring. 



The reign of Eagle Boy

It’s no surprise to us that stories regarding the Suicide Race are prevalent in the Top 10. People from across the country and around the world enjoy to read about this event. 



Colville Tribes moves forward with breach-of-contract case on $2.7 million contract

We at the Tribune were kind of kept in the dark on this issue. With that said, this press release from the Colville Business Council is the first to ever make our Top 10 list. There has not yet been an update on this case, which involves a contractor on the tribe’s fiber project up and leaving a project with no warning.



Pakootas and Onyx ride to victory on Saturday night

Again, people love the Suicide Race and are eager to learn the results, and read about the action.



CBC approves 181-D, $2,122 to come March 26

When the 181-D settlement money comes, so many people want to know about it. We receive dozens of calls per year asking us about when payments are coming out. The 181-D settlement is the one regarding the Grand Coulee Dam. 



More than fines and jail time, former tribal police officer talks cost of DUI’s

This was a feature article on former tribal officer Jason Whalawitsa which we believe was one of our best articles of the year. It dealt with the tribal member officer’s struggle responding to a call about a wreck, where he tragically found out at the scene it was his father.



Two steps forward, no steps back: The Mike Seyler story

A story on tribal member boxer Mike Seyler was written as an “Artifact” in the Tribune earlier in the year. It recounted his boxing career that saw him come awfully close to a world championship. And it also dealt with the repercussions of boxing for so long, which has led to his pugilistic dementia.



Tribal member Dan Nanamkin starts sovereignty camp

Dan was one of the most visible figures at the #NoDAPL protest of a few years back. He returned home with a vision to start a sovereignty camp that brought people, especially youth, back to the old ways of primitive living. The camp opened this year and saw participation from the local Boys & Girls Club.



Grizzly Mountain takes home first place Friday night at Emerald Downs

Once again, the fandom of Indian horse racing is shown with the results of an event at Emerald Downs this year.



Tribal members lead Spokane’s Women’s Persistence March, honoring missing and murdered women

Several tribal members attended and marched through downtown Spokane in support of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women movement, also known as #mmiw and #mmiww (Washington).



The results of one bad decision

Miss CCT sat down with the Tribune and raised her hand, showing a lack of movement in two of her fingers. She has big dreams of becoming a brain surgeon some day, but the result of riding with someone under the influence of alcohol may have cost her that dream, though she expects to make a full recovery.



Tribal member gets more than nine years in prison for Assault on a Federal Officer

This was another topic that polarized some of the tribal membership. Some people felt it was unjust, while others believed it was not enough.

Shavonna G. says: “B.s”

Michael C. says: “They did the homie bad. Wow”

Angela D. says: “Federal lands means federal level sentencing.”

Sharyl P. says: “FEDERAL COURT will always take the HIGH end of court. get the Natives off the streets. now if it was STATE OR COUNTY it would have been a slap on the hand with maybe 2 years. But, sad to say when you do something wrong you gotta pay for it.”



Colville Business Council expels councilwoman Williams-Louis

In a year that saw several ethics charges brought forth and investigated, only this case resulted in actual expulsion. 



Council corner: Andrea George

For the first time in the history of our list, a Council Corner update made our most-viewed stories. George provided a candid account of what was going on regarding her ethics charges, proposed agenda items and recent events affecting the tribe. Perhaps this suggests the members would like more updates like this from their elected representatives.

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