Throughout the years, the Tribal Tribune has developed relationships with many people. Some come to our office and hang out, wanting to know the latest. Others contribute to our product. And there have also been a few that just simply want to read our fellow tribal publications' latest news.

Chas Williams was a regular when we were located at the Nespelem Community Center. At that time, we had a newsrack that would hold various copies of tribal publications. Sometimes he would ask if a publication had come in yet, as he liked to keep up on other tribes. We appreciated his concern and did our best to keep the racks up to date.

Williams, himself, ended up in a handful of news articles over the years for his role as the Wenatchi salmon chief and his instruction of dip netting.

Ken Condon, who introduced himself as Whopyawil, first became known to us in 2013. Around that time, we were publishing stories of many kinds in our opinion section. Ken, who was fluent in nselxcin, thought it to be important to send us short stories of tribal mythology.

His opinion was that since there were more nselxcin speakers in the Colville Tribes, it should be the first language featured in the Tribune. At the time, we were utilizing the Language Preservation Program to help us number our pages and provide us with words to be published in the Tribune under "Beautiful stories with Whopyawil."

Teaching nselxcin was one of his passions, and he was named a Language Hero by the Celebrating Salish Conference.

"Ken Condon is our Colville Confederated Tribes Language Hero because he is a community elder, teacher, consultant, and fluent speaker of the nselxcin language," it was announced at the conference awards ceremony in March of 2018. "He has worked 18 years with the Colville Confederated Tribes Language Preservation Program. His dedication has ensured the survival of our Salish language and he continues to pass it down to our future generations."

Condon and Williams were two major losses for the Colville Tribes. 

We will miss them as well.

The Editorial Board of the Tribal Tribune consists of Cary Rosenbaum, Justus Caudell and Shane Moses.

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