To: Tribal Tribune

FROM: Anna M. Vargas, Code Reviser

Subject: 2018 Yearly Report

A quarterly update will be submitted to the Tribal Tribune each April, August and December. The quarterly report is utilized to provide record and notice to the public of all amendments, corrections, revisions, updates, expansions, or new law enacted and codified in the Colville Tribal Law and Order Code. Supplement years begin and end each December. Code amendment’s approved after December 2018 by the Business Council will be processed as 2019 supplements.

The following is a list of revised Chapters and the month they became effective:

•4-6 Aggregate Developmentand Reclamation Act (January, Resolution 2018-365)

•6-20 Commercial MarijuanaProduction, Processing, Retail Sales (Enacted June. Resolution 2018-417)

•1-1 General Provisions(November, Resolution 2018-749)

•2-2 Civil Actions (November,Resolution 2018-750)

The following proposed code amendments are being processed:

6-21 Proposed New Chapter—Temporary Unit Occupancy Tax Act: 1st committee meeting: September 19, 2018—Joint Law & Justice/Management & Budget Committee. Public Comment period: 90-day comment period. Comments should be received no later than December 18, 2018. 2nd committee meeting: January 9, 2019.

3-1 Criminal Code: 1st committee meeting: November 7, 2018 Law & Justice; Public Comment period: 45-day comment period. Comments should be received no later than December 24, 2018. 2nd committee meeting: January 9, 2019.

All proposed code amendment information is available upon request. You may also visit our web site at and highlight GOVERNMENT, go down to CURRENT CODE to view the Tribal Law & Order Code. To check on codes that are bring amended, highlight GOVERNMENT, go down to TRIBAL COURT and click on PROPOSED AMENDMENTS.

I would strongly encourage all Tribal Members to view the amendments periodically so if you have any comments, you can submit them to me.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (509) 634-2389/FAX (509) 634-2387 or or

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