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Dear Inchelium District Voters,

Election time is here, and it has been an honor to serve as your Inchelium District Councilman in position 1 for the past two years. I am seeking re-election for another two-year term, as I feel I can still contribute to strengthening our quality of life and meeting our Tribe’s many challenges head-on.

I have two degrees, an Associate of Arts from Spokane Falls Community College, and a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology from Eastern Washington University. I also attended the University of Idaho where I studied Forestry Resources prior to attending EWU and focusing on Criminal Justice. After college, I attended the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Basic Police Academy and became a Natural Resource Enforcement Officer for our Parks and Recreation Program in 2014 until my election into the Business Council in 2017. Other work experience includes Social Worker for TANF/Employment & Training, a Camp Counselor for Twin Lakes Youth Camp, and a Forestry Intern with Inchelium Forestry.

During these past two years, I have utilized my knowledge and skills to try to improve the social and economic life for all of our tribal and community members, while upholding the fundamental principles and precedents of our tribal constitution with honesty and integrity. I have worked on several important projects these past two years, including assisting with securing funding to reconstruct our softball fields, planning and development of a new wellness/community center and a advocating for a treatment center for those in need. I have been the Chairman of the Law and Justice Committee and the Education and Employment Committee.  I have testified on the Tribe’s behalf in both Olympia and in Washington DC for Juvenile Rehabilitation, Missing and Murdered Native American Women, Violence Against Women Act/Tribal Law and Order Act, and the Lucy Covington Archive Center for Eastern Washington University.  If re-elected I will continue to be your voice at the state and federal legislative levels.

My plans for the next two years are to continue to focus on the wellness/community center in order to bring our community together and offer our youth more activities. The center will also incorporate more program office space with the hopes of expanding local services to our community and localize employment. We have put out a Request for Proposal for a business plan, architect and engineering design and for the site selection. This is great news for our community and our reservation as a whole.

I would also like to focus my attention on our education needs for both youth and adults. We need to look at increased funding, technical training in all districts, and support for our youth that struggle to stay in school. We also need to find a way to help those who complete treatment find sustainable employment to assist with their recovery. 

I know there is still a lot of work to do, but if we communicate, share our ideas and work together, I know that we can continue to make progress towards a better way of life for all of us.  I ask for your vote in this 2019 election. Thank you for your continued support, it means the world to me.


Joel Boyd


"The most dangerous phrase we can utter is, "We have always done it this way"

My Fellow Tribal Members,

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Johannah Mason, the granddaughter of the late Harold and Virginia Mason, the daughter of Teresa Abrahamson (Mason) and a member of the lnchelium District running for Tribal Council, Position #1.

I would first like to thank your for taking time out of your day to read my letter. If you are like me, I take every letter from campaigning, with a grain of salt. I hope to change your mind and consider supporting me.

For a great deal of time, I have followed our Tribal Politics and felt great disdain in the way we are presented as a Tribe and the way all of our businesses are being ran. I feel very strongly that we can be just as successful as Tribes surrounding ours if we place a little more elbow grease into each business venture and coming in with new, worth while ventures instead of keeping the mentality, if we build it they will come.

My intent is to never make promises that I cannot keep. But there are promises that I do know I can keep.

I promise to remain a true leader, always in favor of our Tribe as a whole, not just the lnchelium district or specific members. I am not running for myself. I am running to help guide our Tribe into a different direction that will be beneficial to all of us. I woke up one morning able to say "enough is enough; the time is now" and not "I will try next year" because I cannot expect anyone to be the person I would want to represent me, unless I do it myself and set the example. If we want change, we need to stand up and be the change with an open mind.

I promise to always act favorably in public, especially in environments that require networking that will benefit us. I will always work hard and be as transparent as possible. I understand that there are many things that the Business Council cannot talk about, but if chosen, I will do my best to keep everyone updated as much as I can, just as I would like to currently be. There is too much animosity between the Tribal Members and the Business Council. My hope is that communication will be the key to bring us all together so that we may become successful as a united front.

I could include all of the projects that I care about and promising how I can single handily turn the Tribe around. In reality, that isn't possible nor is it me. I believe our Tribal Members are looking for leaders with their best interest at heart, now more than ever. I am and I will continue to be that leader, I will not allow anyone to persuade me to do anything that I do not believe in. I feel the Business Council needs to be united as one team and not a few against others. This does not create favorable results and we will remain stagnate, unable to move forward.

Please allow me to prove myself to you as it is my wish to help restore our Tribe to the former glory I used to hear my late Grandmother talk about. Let's initiate change together as I will always first and foremost, be working for you. I will work in the manner that I would want my Tribal Leaders to work for me.

Thank you,

 Johannah Mason

Kimsqualhine “Joe” Baulne

You took the “Oath of Office” What happened?   The membership expects their tribal government to be honest, competent, integrity, and common sense and compassionate to the membership and others.

What I do see is malfeasance, morally bankrupt, moral turpitude issues, sexual harassment, how is it a sex offender can work for the tribe? Embarrassing conduct of the leadership.  How can this be reconciled? How are we supposed to protect out women from being stolen when these crimes happen right here in our government?  Why does a white sheriff tell the tribe who they will hire and threaten them?  Is the tribe an independent nation?  Why is the tribe undermining its own sovereignty? Nothing shall diminish or abrogate our sovereignty rights.  We must exercise our sovereignty, strong hunting and fishing rights, the reservation lands, Canada and to all our usual and unaccustomed lands (UA).  When has it been ok to make jokes, ridicule of the elders, and the disabled, why hate these people they are your people. Trumpers you have become.

My core values:

Respect and honor my elders, Veterans, disabled

Honor and praise to Grandfather and father in all my actions taking into the consideration of the cause and the affect of decisions.

Protect our elders, women, and children.  Investigate and educate for the missing and the murdered nearly 4000 women gone our future.  Don’t let our native women disappear.

I support the rights of parents to discipline, spanking, etc….

I support the 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms.

Fairness, honesty, integrity, common sense decisions in tribal government in how it deals with our members, the people are not the bottom line.

No cuts to elder programs, youth programs, disabled programs.


181- D Audit

Transparency in Tribal government and tribal businesses, and council meetings

Quarterly reports for tribal government and tribal businesses

Establish an independent body to investigate and act on ethics violations outside of council

I want to see management of our Fish & Wildlife and lands.  I want to see a herd of buffalo here for us to give sanctuary and hunting for the members.

Establish a police review board.

Livable wages, minimum wage $15 for tribal employee’s, and businesses. Our members living below the poverty line and drawing welfare we should not take from the taxpayer

I support (Gold mining) sustainably to take pressure off our timber and habitat, resources

The reduction of administration redundancy, waste, and incompetence.

Establish the Game wardens at Fish & Wildlife and Parks Rangers at Parks both under natural resources to protect our Sovereignty. Better enforcement management.

Hiring qualified tribal members over whites.

The tribe will not establish barriers to tribal member’s employment by standards set by the white population.

Establishment medical insurance for elders and disabled members.

Hiring our disabled members who cannot pass a GED, if they want to work let them.

We are the tribe not the federal or state government.

Hire Good Mental Health workers to stop this suicide crisis of our people and Veterans.

Working for sustainability, fiscal responsibility.

Establish a stipend for retired, disabled, elder tribal member police and game wardens and park rangers.

A CBC representative said that members cannot go to CBC with employment issues because ED has established remedy.  This is wrong, your right to go to Council for any issues is your constitutional right to do so, and they are your representatives.

(Executive Director), (chief of police), (Judges) elected by the people

These are my beliefs 

Thank you for reading my letter, I pray you see something that interests you and you will vote. 


Hello, my name is Larry K. Allen; I have lived for 13 years in Seylor Valley, Inchelium with my wife Susie Mason Allen. My father is Alfred (Kenny) Allen and my mother is Wilma Mae Zacherle. Both my parents have gone to the other side. My father and his mother, Ethreda M. Jane lived and grew up in Inchelium until they realized there were no jobs here and moved to Omak, WA for the work. Both have gone to the other side. They both spent a lot of their time up on Kelly Hill.  

I am a 2019 candidate for the Colville Business Council, Position #1, Inchelium District.

I retired from the US Army Special Operations, the premier elite military organization deployed around the world to fight the Global War On Terrorism, as a combat veteran after 25 years of honorable service with an “Honorable Discharge”. I retired as a Command Sergeant Major, the highest rank an enlisted soldier can attain. It was my duty and responsibility to train and lead over 800 soldiers to go to war to protect the freedom of the American people and our Native way of life.

Previously it was my honor and privilege to serve as your Colville Business Council representative for the Inchelium District in Position #2. While on CBC I served as the Chairman for the Employment and Education and Veteran’s Committees. 

In working with and coordinating with a collection of great people at the Tribal, local and state level we have accomplished the following:

  • Implementation of Washington State Bill 5433 requiring Washington’s local tribal history, culture and government to be taught in common schools. This is a “Since Time Immemorial” curriculum that is a living and breathing work in process. This will increase our Tribal youth and families’ awareness about themselves and our culture. Help in keeping our culture alive and protect our Tribal rights.
  • CCT Homeless Veterans are being provided affordable housing through CIHA by utilizing the Tribal HUD-Veterans Administration Supportive Housing (THVASH) grant. Several homeless or at-risk homelessness Tribal Veterans have been placed in homes. Great job by our CIHA and CCT Veterans Program in taking care of our Tribal Veterans.
  • Working diligently with former Army Ranger Wade and Caroline McKissick Young who through the McKissick Trust Fund have donated $20,000 to the Inchelium Boys and Girls Club. Purchased new playground equipment and planning for other projects. No Tribal dollars from our Tribal general fund but funds provided by two Great People who want to make a difference in our Tribal children’s lives.

Moving Forward:

Short Term Goals:

  • Complete the fiber optic build out to our Inchelium critical anchor institutions to ensure our adults and children have the 21st Century technology to compete and excel in our modern job market.
  • Working with our CBC to obtain a permit to harvest industrial hemp in our Inchelium community which will provide future jobs and economic growth.  
  • Vote to get the CCT Ethics process out from the hands of the CBC. It has a way of splitting our Tribe and families and is a Negative no matter how you dress it up. We need to concentrate on the Positive.

Long Term Goals:

  • Inchelium Wellness Center
  • New Inchelium Senior Meal Site

Tribal Leaders do not stop being Leaders if they no longer hold public office but will continue to look at ways of improving the lives of our Tribal members, families and protecting the natural resources of our Tribal Nation. There is no “On or Off switch”.

Contact information: mobile: (509) 978-9065. Email:



Way’ Tribal Member Voter,

My name is Susie Allen, an enrolled member of the sn̓ʕay̓ckstx  (Arrow Lakes) band.  I am running for re-election for Inchelium Position No. 2 and asking for your VOTE during the 2019 PRIMARY ELECTION on MAY 11, 2019 (Polls open @ 8 a.m.).

I have been a dedicated TRIBAL LEADER – serving the “PEOPLE” and striving to do what is best for the entire TRIBE with a good heart for the greater good of the membership. I have  36 years Tribal working experience and in-depth knowledge of the Tribe’s diverse multi-million-dollar governmental operations. I have first-hand experience as a Purchasing Agent, TERO Admin Assistant, Health Educator Youth Coordinator, Accountant II, Telecommunications Manager and Information Technology (IT)Project Manager. I have served four (4) Tribal Council terms from 2007 – 2011 and 2015-2019.

Here are a few of the key TRIBAL PRIORITIES I have been working on for the overall benefit of the Inchelium District and the full membership:

- 2016-2019 Tribal prioritized investment for the main fiber infrastructure is nearing completion to the Tribal Government anchor institutions that brings a high-speed technology connection to improve electronic services for the Tribal programs. I continue to work diligently for delivery of modern broadband services to the Tribal memberships’ homes. The Tribal Leadership needs to understand and support this as a critical essential service  provided at an affordable low monthly rate. A critical service that creates much needed socio-economic and educational benefits for the membership.

- Lobbied for the delivery of critical Public Safety mobile broadband (wireless) infrastructure services for our Tribal First Responders and the General Public to have the ability to communicate during major life-threatening disasters: Forest Fires, Wind Storms and Floods. Working with the FirstNet National Tribal Government Liaison, I was able to meet with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and get a commitment to do a Colville Reservation site tour this summer. This will ensure he can visually see the communications barriers that are presented by our geographic terrain and allow him to better understand our overall situation.

- The development of a new Inchelium Community Center. Past and present Inchelium CBC (Team Effort) are concurrently working together for a new Inchelium Community Center (Wellness Center).  Recently a Tribal Resolution was passed to develop the RFP will address site selection, the business plan, and Architectural and Engineering specifications. The Inchelium CBC held follow-up meetings with Tribal community and staff to identify the process to move this critical project forward for the benefit of our Elders, Youth and Community members. I will continue to work as your Inchelium CBC team member to ensure the Tribal members have the ability to provide input in the design of this new state of the art community facility. 

 - Inchelium Sr. Meal Site, again this is a collective “team effort” of past and present Inchelium CBC members working collaboratively with the Tribal Elders. The site was approved by Tribal Resolution  and no funding has been identified to move forward. I will continue to work and push this project forward with my co-Inchelium CBC members to get this placed as a priority at a up and coming April 2019, Management & Budget Committee “Capital Investment Priorities” committee session.

I remain steadfastly committed to “THE PEOPLE” and will continue working diligently for our community and for the Tribe as a whole and openly and timely communicate on matters of great importance to you. I will continue to support and provide sponsorship donations for our Youth, Elders, and Community Activities.


Elizabeth L. (Susie)Allen



Way̓ p‿isneqsílxʷ

My name is Jonathan “Fins” Simpson, isnqəlxʷskʷist, Sxʷxʷlikn̓.  My mother is Julie Lynne Phillips, her parents are Eugene Phillips and Joanne Phillips. My father is Marlin Raymond Simpson his parents are George “Chuck” Simpson and Melva Simpson.  I have lived most of my life in Inchelium and graduated From Inchelium High School in 2000.  I have been married now for almost 7 years to Bessie Jean Simpson and together, with help, we are raising 6 kids, Michaela and Spencer Ferguson, Amaya Simpson, Clarissa Stensgar, and our children together, Nylah Jo, and Amy Simpson.

I have worked for The Tribe for 10+ years now, most of that time, at Mt. Tolman as an engine operator fighting fire, while working there I started and completed my Associates Degree in Business.  I am now employed at the Inchelium Language and Culture Association (ILCA).  I have become and intermediate speaker in Salish-Okanogan dialect.  Working at ILCA, I have had the opportunity to work with the Inchelium H.S. as a language teacher.  To help build the wrestling program, I have become the IHS coach and am the asst. little guys wrestling coach.

To involve ourselves in our youth program is something we need more of.  Be more involved, not just as supporters, but as well as volunteers and mentors, this is crucial for youth development.  I Also believe there needs to be stronger stances on our children’s IIM monies.  To often we see children not graduate and get ten of thousands of dollars with no grasp on how to handle that money.  Our children to often take this money with no financial responsibilities and think it will last a life time.  Some ideas to think about while you look around our community and see kids with new cars but no education, greedy family members with their own agendas, or children who develop drug and alcohol problems and then end up with nothing gained from all that money.

  • higher education or vocational training started
  • child must wait until 21 if no education
  • parents who are gainfully employed, can only access the IIM money, to help ensure the best is being done for our children

Working with some of our elders and listening to mine, their collective knowledge is vast, they have seen many mistakes and can always help guide us.  Support elders in health and continuing education in the ever-changing technology-based world.  Make sure our elders on the reservation have the access they need to proper health care as well as those who live off the reservation.  Access to a tribal facility should not limit those who cannot always make it to the reservation and do not have health care provided off.

Green energies are sustainable and will be a must with the current oil industries burning through oil, build a label as a tribe for a greener future.  I suggest we use old tribal facilities and start manufacturing green energy.  Use the old Wood mill in Omak to build wind mills, take the old post and pole plant in Inchelium to manufacture solar panels, use the Swawilla basin to grow and farm hemp for oils and fibers.  Invest in oil recycling machines and place them in Nespelem and Coulee Dam central to our Reservation.  These are ideas that are sustainable and can be used for generations.  Why waste money to rebuild an old wood mill that has failed several times to date or do nothing commercially with old sites that are in good commercial areas and have foundations in place.

Thanks for your consideration 


My name is Roger Finley, and I am running for Colville Business Council position 2. have a Life partner, Nicky Swan, and 3 children, Roger III, Winston, and Torrence. We helped raise my niece Taylor Finley and have added to our family with the addition of niece and nephew, Jacie and Mathew Boyd. My parents are Skip and Cathy Desautel, and my biological father is the late Roger Finley Sr.

I am approachable, and enjoy being around people. I feel this trait is very important for elected leaders. Building relationships with other tribal, state, and federally elected officials is critical to deal with the challenges we all face. I understand the Tribal Council has fourteen members, and that one individual cannot make changes without the support of others. I also  understand  that support from  others comes from trust and good working relationships. By respecting each  other's differences and strengths, as I do in my day to day life, I feel I can be an effective member of the Business Council.

My work history includes logging, ferryboat operation, and for the last 11 years serving as a millwright. Currently I work for the Bureau of Reclamation at Grand Coulee Dam as a Hydro Mechanic. All of my past employers will speak to my work ethic and dedication.

Those that know me know that I always put other people first, especially if those people are elders or youth. I understand the Tribe is involved in many exciting opportunities, and faces many difficult challenges. I want to continue the work done by others before me, and explore other opportunities and solutions for the current and future generations.

In closing it is important to vote. Your voice is only heard if you vote.



Keller District Voters,

For those of you who may not know me, my parents are Don Ferguson and Betty (Arnold) Ferguson. I am asking for your vote in the upcoming 2019 election. It has been an honor representing the Keller District and my hope is that you will allow me to continue.  I assure you I have a strong appreciation for the challenges we face as Tribal members and I have firsthand knowledge of economic challenges not only in our district but reservation-wide.

With your support, we can continue to move forward in expanding our interest in business while bringing better services to our Tribal membership. We, as a Tribe, have been able to create different revenue streams through development on and off the reservation. These lead to taxation benefits on fuel, tobacco and soon alcohol while giving us the opportunity to enforce our sovereignty outside the reservation boundaries. The completion of the marijuana compact, in the very near future, is expected to substantially increase the tax revenue to the Tribe. This new revenue will help us improve on emergency services, prevention, education, our youth programs, AAOA, and our roads just to name a few. Therefore it lessens the strain on the revenue we gain from our timber, which directly affects the tribal membership mainly in per capitas.  The Council along with Administration has negotiated the BPA accord extension, which adds $68.84 million over the next four years, in total with carry over we have a total of $82.6 million to spend over the four years on the different Fish and Wildlife projects, land purchase and education.

We have been successful in developing in each district. The 12 Tribes Casino, the Administration Building, the Keller Senior Meal site, Boys and Girls Clubs (B&G) and two more C-Stores. All of these have provided jobs and training, safe work environments, and better services to the membership. Furthermore, we will be beginning construction of the Keller Treatment Center, The Omak Clinic, and different road improvements scheduled for 2019.  The Council has been working diligently with programs, such as Parks & Rec, Planning, and Department of Transportation, to get the next few capital builds shovel ready for all districts.

In the San Poil we have been working on a Hemp feasibility study for the past two years.  I believe, since hemp was legalized in the 2018 farm bill, we can start working on taking this to the next level for a future revenue stream for the Tribe. We have purchased land adjacent to the hemp fields for further production. In other areas of growth, along with the Treatment Center, we are one step away from having our own childcare services in the Keller District. This has been a barrier for many of our Tribal members when it comes to employment and higher educational opportunities.  We completed the Community Center parking lot and the Alice Flats paving project. Other projects for this year are The Hud access and Mission road in our community. The San Poil boat launch and Keller park enhancement are in the running for state funding and implementation.

Any success we have had isn’t with the competencies of individuals but with the integrity of all. Individual ambition at the cost of collective government gets us nowhere. I want you to know I will always put you and the Tribe first, work cooperatively, and keep things progressively moving forward.

Your vote does count – One vote at a time – Vote to re-elect Jack Ferguson


Hello, my name is Edward J. E. Cohen. I am running for council in the Keller district. I was born and raised in Nighthawk, WA, by Susan (Peter) Cohen and Teddy Cohen. My mother is Ann Cisneros and my father is Joe Peone. Mary Louie is my grandmother and Sol Herman is my great-grandfather. I have been married to Hayley (Aubertin) Cohen for five years, have three kids Naomi, Eddy, and River Cohen, and have lived in the San Poil at South Nanamkin for eight years. Hayley and I co-own a cattle ranch with Doug and Gayleen Aubertin and harvest meadow hay on ground I lease from the tribe in the San Poil valley.     

In 1994, I graduated from Tonasket High School and went to work in the woods bumping knots and operating a log loader. During spring quarter of 1996, I attended Spokane Community College and graduated in 1999 with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science Natural Resources/Wildlife. Upon graduation, I was employed with CCT Fish and Wildlife Mitigation until fire season started; at that time I transferred to an Emergency Fire Fighter, EFF, crew for Mt. Tolman and served during the summer of the Buffalo Lake Grass Hopper fire. When the fire season slowed down, Colville Tribal Services Corporation (CTSC) hired me on as a laborer, and so I began my construction career.

I was employed with CTSC for eleven years, working my way up from laborer to superintendent. Because I worked on many different projects for the company, I studied several types of civil work and supervised numerous crews. I also learned how to communicate well with people of various personality types and helped each employee discover and refine their strengths. My duties included: maintaining daily progress reports, overseeing a purchase order book for each project, monitoring weekly timesheets, supervising several million-dollar projects, communicating with project managers for tracking costs, and ensuring time lines were met.

When Colville Federal (CFED) shut down CTSC, I hired on to Colville Tribes Department of Transportation and have been here for nine years. I plow snow and maintain roads in the Keller District, and this is one reservation issue that concerns me. CCT DOT, BIA Roads, and Ferry and Okanogan Counties need to work together to maintain our road systems. With all of these departments working together, there should be funding to create a five-year rotation plan. It is important to maintain these roads before their expiration dates, and new construction is far more expensive than routine maintenance. This should be a priority because our tribal members use these roads daily for travel to and from their jobs.

I am also the president of the Keller Head Start Parent Committee. We are currently raising money for graduation costs, to help every child in Head Start have a memorable year. We encourage parental involvement in kids’ school activities so families will become more closely knit and mutually supportive.

With the effective communication skills I’ve developed, I am opened-minded and respectful. I will have an open-door policy not only for our members, but also for our department supervisors; I will take the time to listen. My vision is to create a peaceful community, encourage a sense of collaboration, and promote a members-first philosophy. We need to take care of our reservation for future generations. I would be honored if the Keller district would vote me in as their representative for the Colville Tribal Business Council. Thank you for your time. Eddy Cohen


Dear Members,

Hello my name is Kenneth P. Bray II and would like to ask you for your support as your representative for the Keller District. I am 49 yrs. old and a member of the San Poil and Lakes Bands. My parents are Hazel R. (Herman) Perkins and Pat Bray of whom both families originated from the San Poil Valley. I would like to have the chance to show you my ability to serve to the people with fairness and with what I know to be right in my heart. I started my sobriety 5 yrs. ago and to this day have been able to abstain from use with the help of my family and the loved ones around me. I am mostly known for my cooking ability that I have shared with the communities and the way I and my family have served the people whenever asked. I was the person called to head up the cook crew for the Keller Wind Disaster and when called to cook and serve the people at any services for a family. I traveled back East where I worked in the building industry for a year for the training and the experience. I have worked off the Reservation in the Cooking industry and I worked as a Wildland Firefighter protecting our land and the resources it provides. I have also worked in the Convalescent Center caring for the needs of our elders. I am a trustworthy, honest, and hard working man and I will do what it takes to protect the best interests of the Tribes and the people within it. I hold my cultural and traditional values high and I still take part in the winter dances and I pray in the sweathouse as my elders before me had. I care for the land and all the natural resouces it has to provide for the people. I was taught to respect all things and all the people as a whole and to protect them with what I am and what I have. I listen well and I am concerned. I would like to hear more from the community--you have a lot to offer. I would like to be the ears, eyes, and the voice for the people of this District and for the Tribes in a whole. I would like to work with the CBC to work through any transgressions that may occur so that no more injustice or wrongs come to any person again. I, like all before me, have aspirations of prosperity and economic development for the community and our people and if elected, I would focus on this. With the right kind of infrastructure in this district we can become a working and functioning part of the Tribes economy. I only want to help our people and our economic development to raise the standards of living and social well-being of our Indian people to a level comparable to non-indian society as stated in the Trust Doctrine. I know right from wrong according to the Codes and Constitution of the Colville Confederated Tribes and only want to lead by what is written within them and with no false promises. My Indian name is K-Naqs-A-.:Misa-ix which means, One Who Stands Alone but I hope I am not alone in this campaign because I can't do this alone. I can though with your support. Thank you for taking the time to read and listen to my words and what I would like to serve our Tribes and my District. 

Thank you lim-limt Kenneth P. Bray II


Dear Colville Tribal Members voting in the Keller District;

I am writing to you to ask you for your support in my campaign for the Colville Tribal Council Position 1. There are many issues currently facing our Tribe and I feel that the Colville Tribal Membership has lost their voice on these issues and major decisions being made by only the majority of the Colville Tribal Business Council. The issues that require a Membership vote should get, (or opportunity to get), a Membership vote by every eligible Colville Tribal Member whether they live on or off the Reservation. Two minds are better than one, fourteen minds are better than two, and 12,000+ minds are better than fourteen.

The Ethics Committee needs to be taken out of the Colville Business Council's control. It's time to stop the CBC from policing themselves. This could possibly be a Board made up of Elders from each District to be paid by Stipend. They could also be used for consultation. This is just one idea. I am hoping that we can get the word out for comment and possibly vote on the best idea based on the Membership feedback. Along with this I would like to see background checks for every Tribal Member that has a desire become a CBC candidate.

When I was younger I recall our Tribal Tribune having quarterly reports showing Colville Business Net gain/loss etc. for all Colville Tribal accounts. We need to bring this back for Tansparency to all of the Colville Tribal Members.

There is a need for child care in the Keller District. There are many parents that can and would get a job or further their education if they had a better option for child care. Along with this we need more activities for ALL of the youth in the community. At present it seems that there are only a select few that are given the opportunity to participate.

We are in need of  a Juvenile Judicial system for our troubled Youth.  At the present time, there is nothing in place, which makes it easy for susceptible youth to follow the wrong path until they end up hooked on drugs, dropping out of school, stealing and becoming a criminal or dying from suicide, a car accident or drug overdose.  A Juvenile Judicial system in place could deter our troubled Youth from going down the wrong path.

There is a dire need for shelters for battered women. Not just a safe place for them to go when they are battered, but also a place with help for their behavioral health, medical needs and a way for financial stability for them and their children. Along with this would be some courses for the batterer to attend while they are incarcerated at Corrections.

We are also in need of professional housing for our medical staff at the clinic. When I spoke with our current medical staff recently, this is what they told me would help keep them here.

I am very confident that I will be able to carry through with all of these issues that I have stated in my letter but only with your help. I am not only asking you to help me by voting me in, but I will continue to need your assistance in giving me your voice to make the decisions that you want for our Tribe.

Thank you.   Robert W. Tonasket



My friends and relatives,

Thank you for the support to be your representative for these two years.  Upon running for Council one of the issues that I identified was to re-establish aboriginal title to our off-reservation homelands.  I wish I could discuss every issue that I have worked on, however, because of publication restraints, I will focus on one important issue:  restoring salmon beyond Chief Joseph and Grand Coulee Dams.  

To address this complex issue, I have attended many meetings with Tribal leaders, federal and state agencies such as:

  • Tribal Leadership at the 15 tribe’s coalition, the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, Upper Columbia United Tribes and the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
  • Federal agencies such as the US State Department regarding the Columbia River Treaty, Senators and Congressmen (Senator Cantwell, Senator Murray, Rep Denny Heck, Rep Kim Schrier, Rep Dan Newhouse, Rep Derek Kilmer & Rep Cathy McMorris Rogers), Bonneville Power Administration, the Bureau of Reclamation, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as well independent organizations such as the Northwest Power and Conservation Council
  • I also requested the Federal Subcommittee on “Water Oceans and Wildlife” to hold an oversight hearing on fish passage and to allow Colville to provide in-person testimony
  • State agencies including several meetings with Governor Inslee, the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, Orca Task Force, and the Senate Democrats

I have also been addressing fish passage through the Columbia River Systems Operation Environmental Impact Statement.  I have also attended meetings to address the extension of our Columbia Basin Fish Accord ($17 million) agreement to restore fish habitat, improve migratory passage and to purchase lands for conservation and habitat restoration.  All of these are very complicated issues both scientifically and politically. 

Our 2008 Accord was significant which brought back salmon to our people.  Our Chief Joseph Hatchery was completed in 2013 as mitigation for fish blockage at Grand Coulee Dam.  In the authorizing legislation, it states that we cannot use our own hatchery fish above Chief Joseph Dam.  In our Fish Accord the areas negotiated was the Columbia River next to Chief Joseph Dam and the Okanogan River. 

Our fish accord will need to be renegotiated in the next four years.  I believe with these continued efforts we will re-establish our aboriginal title and rights in our traditional homelands for fish passage, protection of cultural resources; explore economic development opportunities, hunting, fishing & gathering.  We need to address using our hatchery fish to restore salmon above Grand Coulee.  To begin with, we also need to address inclusion of our Methow and Wenatchee areas.  These areas were included in the Yakama Fish Accord with a total amount of 32 million for their agreement.

The Colville Tribe owns the aquatic lands of the Columbia adjacent to our reservation to the mid-point, and the Okanogan river from shoreline to shoreline.  Our traditional homelands extend from Oregon to Canada, including the headwaters of the Columbia.  We are in a powerful position when you consider water resources for permitting, power production, agriculture, recreation, flood control, and dam operations on the Columbia from Canada to the lower Columbia.  Additional off-reservation initiatives will be announced when available.  I will discuss other issues that I have worked on in my letter to Nespelem District voters.  We need to protect and fight for our rights and interests now more than ever for our future generations.  If re-elected I will continue this fight.


Rodney Cawston


Nespelem District for Position #1

Dear Colville Confederated Tribal Membership,

My parents are Lawrence Campobasso Jr. (Sanpoil) and Ramona (Marcellay) Campobasso (Okanogan). My grandparents are Lawrence Campobasso Sr. and Catherine Stensgar Campobasso. On my mother's side, grandparents are Morris Marcellay and Hazel Williams Marcellay and step-grandmother is Catherine Abraham Marcellay. My sisters are: Michelle, Melissa, and Vanessa. My son is Aaron Campobasso and I have several nephews and a niece. I lived in the Keller area when I was young and later resided at our Rebecca Lake family land in Nespelem.


Masters of Science: Urban and Regional Planning/Public Administration EWU in 2012 EWU Executive Tribal Planning 2012

Bachelors: Urban and Regional Planning /Business Management from EWU in 2010 

Future Comprehensive Planning for the Next Seven Generations:

1)      Town of Nespelem with new roads, sidewalks, solar-panel-lighting, to improve economic development. Renewing our town with culturally appropriate design, museum, language center, restaurant, coffee shop, etc.

2)     Civil Rights need to be respected by our Tribal Government by developing stronger laws to protect our people

3)     Tribal Laws defined without vagueness so harassment/retaliation/cyber-bullying can be deterred

4)     Take jurisdiction over non-members in crimes of domestic violence

5)     Laws to protect against human-trafficking

6)     Ethics Committee 3rd Party

7)     Drug Testing 3rd Party

8)      Economic Development

9)      Build adequate Housing IApartments

10)   Community Facilities for health, safety, and welfare:

  1. Build new Convalescent Center, which would staff doctors and nurses for full-time care.
    1. Senior Care Facility for assisted-living, such as a complex that would provide nurse weekly checkups, transportation, meals, and cleaning for elders.

11)   Community Wellness Center, with office space/conference rooms for rent to assist in cost for operations.

12)   Protect and enhance our Natural Resources

13)   Youth development: provide more grant dollars towards education and training

14)   Driver's Education assistance for our youth

15)   Providing more funding to our Public Works Department to adequately care for our facilities like the Elmer City Trailer Park. The Nespelem Valley Electric Co. should have maintained their lines and poles, now homes have burned down. Water, sewer, the basic amenities were not properly maintained. The people are now being evicted. This is an outrage! 

16)   Develop "green" industries: solar panels, windmills, hydropower (with adequate fish passages) for clean energy, green houses for food production, electric-car stations, hemp production for materials, and organic farming! We have the land and water for this!

I conducted transportation planning to complete millions of dollars worth of transportation projects for:

1)     Roads, ferry, transit, maintenance, parking lots

2)     Community planning for facilities

3)     Inventorying lands for future development

4)     Created Enrolled Population Pyramid, which shows our enrolled members male/female from birth to Elder age

5)     Wrote a $25 million-dollar federal grant for the Omak Eastside Bridge Replacement

6)     DOT awarded "Best Project" for the Keller Parking Lot Project

7)     Tribal Transportation Inventory Plan (TTIP 3-5-year plan)

8)     Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP-20-year-plan) 

CCT DOT Projects to be completed in 2019:

► Nespelem School Loop Project

► Nespelem Buffalo Road Project

► Omak Benton Street Parking Lot Project

► Omak Malott HUDS roads

► Inchelium Ferry pilings/road access

► Inchelium Short Cut Road

► Keller School Zone Cross-Walk

I have the utmost passion to work for my Tribe and Indian Country to improve vitality and opportunities within our communities through strategic planning. I would be honored to be your Nespelem District Councilwoman who represents the people!

It is time, LET'S RISE!


Angelena Campobasso, MURP

CCT DOT Senior Transportation Planner

Tribal Transportation Planning Organization President Traffic Safety Committee Member

We Are One Board Member

Owner of Creative Native Consulting


POSITION #1, Nespelem District 

The Foundation of every leadership is to “Govern by The Rule of Law!”. You want to lead our people? Elected representatives should know and respect our Tribal Constitution and By-Laws, our Council Committee structure & process, tribal laws, codes, policies, and procedures, the responsibility of ORA (Office of Reservation Attorney), the EPM tribal employees must operate under, know our tribal Organizational Chart, be familiar with the different purpose of tribal boards---who serves on these boards, what each board represents and their policies, i.e. CFED (Our Business Corporation), GAMING COMMISSION, CIHA & HUD, TERO, LURB (Land Use Review Board), TOSHA, PSIS,Tribal Credit Board, etc.  A candidate must be familiar with,and respect  the SEPARATION OF POWERS (Administrative, Legislative & Judicial), be familiar with  tribal & state jurisdiction, local, county, state governments—their WAC’s, RAC’s RCW’s, MOU’s, MOA’s, HUD laws, ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act) as they impact our tribe, be familiar with our Gaming Compact and Gaming Regulations. Understand the fiduciary responsibility BIA has to our tribes, IHS responsibilities, 638 Contracts, F&W Regulations, The Odessa Water Deal, The Columbia Fishing Treaty, experience with contracts & budgets.

Yes, we have certain requirements/qualifications to apply for tribal employment, perhaps have a degree or certification of some kind, work experience, pass a criminal background check, pass a UA. Serving our people is NOT “OJT” (On the Job Training). Most importantly, a candidate should be grounded in our traditions, customs and cultures---direct ties to our sacred lands. The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation consists of 12 Bands/Tribes and each Band/Tribe is very valuable to the foundation of who we are. 

Candidates need to possess knowledge of our tribal infrastructure and once elected, follow our Constitution & By-laws. I’ve only listed a few basics each council incumbent and candidate should be familiar with, and respect if elected. Our current way of conducting council committee business has strayed away from the original intent and values ourTribal Constitution is based on. We must work in UNITY to prosper. I RESPECT the Separation of Powers, REMOVING Ethics from the council, and EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for all members in employment, education,and housing.  I introduced the RAMAH SETTLEMENT and LOBBIED HARD FOR A FULL PAYOUT TO THE MEMBERSHIP, I am a regular advocate for tribal rights with regular attendance in district meetings and general membership meetings. I am watchful for any issues that mayimpact our tribal way of life. My priorities are to INCREASE the quality of life for each tribal member no matter where you may choose to live. Our beautiful Colville Reservation belongs to ALL OF US. Thank you to the grassroots people who continue to hold meetings to develop Election guidelines, work on Ethics policies, and endeavor to improve the quality of life for ALL tribal members. You are my inspiration. Your support is humbly appreciated.


Charlene BearCub, MEd., Was~Way, a proud Moses~Columbia~Wenatchi/Assiniboine~Sioux. 

Candidate for POSITION #1, Nespelem District. (509)


Dear Colville Tribal Members of the Nespelem District

My name is Jody A. George and I would like to announce that I am running for the Nespelem District Position #1 on the Colville Tribal Business Council.

I am the people, for the people and always will be!

I am also wife, mother, adoptive mother, foster parent and grandmother.  My occupation is Information Technology Specialist for the Indian Health Service where I have worked for the last 26 + years.  I have also served several terms on the Nespelem School Board of Directors as an elected official.  I started working when I was 13 years old in summer youth program and have continued employment since that time.  All the while working, attended college and raising a family due to a strong upbringing that believed in hard work.

My roots come from the Nespelem District as I have lived here most of my life.  My parents are Joanne & Wayne Kensler and my biological father is Robert “Bun” Pakootas.  I have been married to my husband Radford D. George for 32 years, we have 4 grown children:  Brandon Joseph, Shelby Joreen, Maddesyn Danielle and Robert Michael.  I also have 3 grandchildren Jade Winzer Mylan Jr. and Whisper Judith Rose.  I also cared for and loved like my own from very young ages:  Mitchell Owen Jr., Lance Victor, Annie, James Jo and Devon, and the Birdtail girls whom we took into our home as foster caregivers.  I was also blessed this year with a beautiful baby girl Ellie Dawn who stayed with us for several months until her family made their own home.  All of whom I carry with me in my heart.   I hail from the Desautel, Tonasket, Adkins and Carlson clans and married into the Gallaher, Hobrecht, Covington and Runnels as well as Coeur d’Alene Tribal family.  I believe in hard work, professionalism, compassion, fairness and listening to people.  First and foremost I believe in showing respect and acknowledgement of all the people.

I have never considered myself “one of the Good Ol’Boys” and expected to acquire anything just because of whom I know so I have always worked hard for everything.  My immediate family includes a Civil Engineer as the Head of BIA Brand of Road, Lead Accountant, Tribal Credit Assistant Manager, TERO Specialist and a Sacred Heart Hospital Charge Nurse.

Working in the health field; I believe we need a fully staffed clinic with permanent health care providers.  The contracting cost with traveling providers takes away from our people. The employees that are overwhelmed with numerous hats, computers and network that can handle electronic health records and digital x-ray are getting spread thin.  The Colville Reservation needs better technology services for all the Tribal members and departments.  It is very important that our tribe stays up to the minute in technology.

There is a lot of Drugs, addictions in families.  Our young children continue to keep falling in that vicious cycle.  Young adults to even older have fallen to that path of destruction sometimes leading to suicide, overdoses, death and losing family members.  There are children being raised by grandparents, foster care or worse taken away from their Tribal Communities. 

We need Grant writers, lobbyists, leaders that will go out and find those dollars for us, our families and communities.

Please vote for me in this primary election and I will go forward to work tirelessly for the people of the Nespelem District.  I have my heart and desire to help and represent our tribal members.  Please put your confidence in me and I will work Hard! 

Any questions or concerns please call me, Jody George, at 509-634-6011.  My email is            


Dear Nespelem District Voters:

Wyt. I am the child of three pretty great parents: Hazel (Herman), George Perkins, and K. Pat Bray. I have three beautiful older sisters, two beautiful younger sisters, and three brothers who aren’t too bad either! I am the single mom of three beautiful biological daughters: Aticia, Macy, and Gianna (I also have unofficially adopted Bridget, Ashley, Brianna, Driston, and Dustin). I have a second court family, who are amazing and I cannot put into words how much they mean to me—they are a big part of what has motivated me to run for Council.

I used to feel sorry for tribes that declared their leaders no longer “legitimate”  or disenrolled their own members.  I thought our Tribes were fortunate because we had a stable government and an advanced legal system.  Over the last decade or so, our government has destabilized and we are currently in a pretty pathetic state. We must take steps to restore stability so that we can be proud of what we leave for our future generations. With your support, I can be one of those steps.

I have worked for the Tribes for 25 years and I have never been fired.  I have been a prosecutor, public defender, and a judge. I have supervised people and provided a positive & productive work environment. I have given people chances that others would not because I believe in our people. I am open-minded, even-tempered, diplomatic, and possess extensive institutional knowledge.

I have been raised in our tribal traditions—I know how important these are in the context of the federal government and our security as a People; I am committed to protecting our natural resources (my family actually rely on them); and I participate in traditional ceremonies. My knowledge, obviously remains incomplete, but everyday is another day to learn something new.  I believe it is important to balance your traditional knowledge with formal education (because otherwise you forget the importance of why we are here and what makes us who we are).  I submit to you that I am an excellent balance of both. 

We have the largest voting district and the lowest representation at Special Sessions. This imbalance has resulted in our unmet needs going unmet (i.e. sidewalks, street lights, etc. to keep our kids safe). If elected, I aim to work collaboratively with the rest of Council; will focus on listening and getting as much as possible done, while protecting your public & private interests.  I believe you attract more flies with honey than vinegar.  I will work to achieve more equity for our district and shared responsibility for the Tribes as a whole.

Finally, I want to emphasize: I am running for Position 1 not against Rodney because you do not have a democracy if you don’t have choices. I am a great choice and I welcome any questions or concerns. Let’s talk! 634-1606 or or on Facebook.

Lim limpt,

Jonnie L. Bray



Vote for Andrew C. Joseph Jr. for Nespelem District Position #2

I am Andrew Joseph Jr. It has been my honor to serve as your Councilman for the past 15 plus years. I was called to serve by my elders -- many of whom are  gone now. They asked me to speak up for our People and not to back down. I am committed to speaking up for our People.

I'm happily married to Lori my wife of 37 years. We have 5 children and 5 grandchildren. I am a U.S. Army Veteran.

My first year on Council, I was voted to Chair the Health and Human Services (HHS) Committee which delegated me to represent our Tribe at the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board. That year I advocated for our TANF summer youth employment program because we were told there would only be 45 summer youth jobs. My advocacy resulted in 275 summer youth jobs.

Since 2013, I have served as Co-Chair of the Indian Health Service (IHS) National Tribal Budget Formulation Work Group for the Portland Area, representing the 43 tribes in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. I have also testified numerous times to both House and Senate Appropriations Subcommittees, and to HHS leadership, for increased funding and for preservation of our programs. The IHS budget was $4.3 billion in 2012 and with my advocacy it is now at now $5.8 billion (FY 2019), a 26% increase.

I have also been Co-Chair for the national IHS Contract Support Costs (CSC) Committee. I fought hard to ensure that CSC was fully funded as an indefinite appropriation, with medical inflation. This was a victory for our Tribe and Tribes across the country.

Trump has proposed cuts to services for our poorest people. SNAP and LIHEAP have been on the chopping block for the past three years. In 2019, Trump also proposed zero funding for Community Health Representatives, Health Education, and Tribal Management Grants. I advocated against these cuts and these programs were funded in 2019.

I support initiatives that are important to our Members:

  • Per -capita payments we receive and requested for increases to per-capita payments during our Tribal Budget process.
    • Our eider's stipend.
    • An increase for our Tribal Member Horse Catchers.
    • An increase to our death benefits from $3,000 to $4,000. It was costing our members around $1,000 to cover the remaining expenses for the funeral services.
    • Our new salmon hatchery that brings in record salmon harvest.
      • Fiber Optics and new cell lease agreements which will get our Tribe up-to- date with the modern technology.
        • Increases to our Powwows and Jr. Rodeos.
        • The Boys and Girls Clubs.
        • Our college interns.
          • Our corporate board on our new casino in Omak and 4 new C Store Gas Stations.
          • Our new Government Center Building.
            • Changing our enrollment code, in the past few years our enrollment numbers have peaked.
            • Lobbying for Language Programs ANA Grants. Preserving our language is important.

We are working to build a new clinic in Omak ifwe get selected for a Joint Venture with IHS to complete all of our clinics, then IHS will staff them and Omak alone could result in 115 paid federal jobs. I want our agreement to include all four districts to receive this type of staffing packages. I have been lobbying for an Encounter Rate that will save over $1,000,000 of Tribal Funds to pay for the operation expenses of our convalescent center.

I have helped a lot of our People from the eldest to the youngest and will continue to help and serve. I humbly ask for your vote.

Whi leem lem Andrew Joseph Jr 


Deidre Ellsworth for Nespelem District Position #2

Good Day! My name is Deidre Ellsworth, maiden name Williams. Hopefully by now the

Nespelem District voters are starting to get their campaign letters in the mail explaining my background. This short letter will explain why I wanted to run for Tribal Council and feel qualified to do so.

For years I’ve been watching and learning and grasping what’s happening in the world.

Not only our “reservation world” but nationwide. I’ve reached a point where I feel the need to try and do more. I’ve always worked to provide for my family but I feel like there’s more I could be doing. Being a Tribal Council representative will give me the opportunity to be another voice of reason among the people we ask to keep our best interests at heart. I want to be that extra voice to make sure everything is looked at and questions are asked. I’ve always looked at it like, you don’t put on basketball tournaments unless you love basketball, you don’t put on pow-wows unless you love gathering for pow-wows, and you don’t run for council until you see how the decisions are affecting our tribal people, reservations lands, and the pure nature of our people.

Many positions I’ve held in the workforce were ones where you were often yelled at or people were angry with you. Working in the court system for Tribal and King County I had to process claims paperwork or follow the debt set off ordinance for tickets and deal with upset people. Working in Gaming I had to write people up and sometimes take badges so I was not always a favorite among operations. Working in Housing I had to raise rents and deal with irate tenants like I was the one who made the rules. I have that experience behind me to deal with unhappy people, which we all know Council has to do quite often. I know as a tribal member I don’t get all the information they hear and sometimes part truths are often construed as a lie.

I share this to show that I have the experience to remain impartial with many types of unfriendly and friendly situations.

For almost 2 years now I’ve worked very hard on my sobriety. Drinking can never end well and I’m so thankful I finally learned that before it was too late. I’ve never been in legal trouble, never had a DUI or been in jail, and can say with a clear conscience that I’ve never cheated the system. I know backgrounds are a big part of getting to know someone and that’s why I’m putting that out there. I’ve seen how people can cheat and manipulate the system. I don’t think it’s fair and you should be held responsible for your wrong-doings. My kids heard this their whole life: There’s always consequences, and making good choices will result in good consequences, making bad choices will result in bad consequences. It’s your choice and your responsibility.

With my years of multi-tasking a full-time job, keeping up my home, paying bills, my kids sports, my sons special needs and doctor appointments, volunteer work, meetings, family emergencies, time for myself to bead or sew and life in general, I know I’m qualified to work as a Tribal Council representative. With all that, I’ve raised 3 outstanding children and paid off my home on my own. Home ownership is so important for us, but that will be in my next letter to my district voters. Thank you for reading, I hope this helped earn your trust!!


My name is Harvey Moses Jr. I am a husband of 50 years to Cheryl,  a  father  of  4 children, Monica, Erica, Amelia and JC. I am a grandfather to  7 grandchildren, Darius, Daniele, Sydney, Aylia, Eva, Kisu and Ella. I am a life long resident of the Colville Indian Reservation. I am an honorably discharged Vietnam Veteran. I have a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, (EWU). I have approximately 35 years of work  experience  within  the  Colville  Confederated Tribes, from my beginning as a truck driver to the Executive Director. I was  Comptroller  and Gaming Auditor in CTEC/CFEC. I have 10 years of experience as a council member from the Nespelem District. I am currently employed as a Tribal Veterans Representative.

I have chosen to run for tribal council for  these  reasons:  Representation  of  the  Nespelem District and the Colville Indian Reservation; a voice and an ear  for  the  Colville  Tribal Membership; leadership within the Tribal Operations; accountability of my actions as your representative.

Keep in mind when you cast your votes that a Tribal Elected Official represents the Colville Tribes. Our actions need to benefit the reservation and its membership as a whole. We need to employ all our qualified tribal members at all levels of responsibility within the government and corporation. We need to  have effective training programs to  train and educate our people to  be able to work anywhere they chose.

Please VOTE. Always remember our ancestors fought and died for the right of self government. We are all responsible for this Reservation and its continued existence as a strong entity within Indian County and the nation as a whole, today more then ever.

Thank you


way ̓ x̌ast sx̌lx̌ʕalt (Good Day)

My name is Jarred-Michael Erickson and I am running for the CBC, Nespelem District, Position 2. I am honored and thankful to the membership who have believed in and supported me last year as well as into this election season.

My parents are Jim and Karen (Barnaby) Erickson of Coulee Dam where I was born and raised. My father worked for Tribal Forestry for 25 years, including 15 as the Director. My mom worked 34 years as a BIA Realty Specialist, converting over 100,000 acres into Tribal Trust. My wife Carisa and I reside in Elmer City, have been married 10 years and have 3 beautiful children after a long battle with infertility. Reese, Canyon, and Lakes are our world.

My maternal grandparents are Donald and Betty (Desautel) Barnaby. My grandpa’s parents were Morris Barnaby and Annie Michel. Morris parents were Chief Barnaby and Agatha Pichette. My grandma’s parents were Albert Desautel and Myrtle Peone. My grandma’s great-great grandpa was Chief Joseph Tonasket.

I hold an AA degree from SFCC, a Bachelor’s in Biology from Eastern Washington University and have been employed by the Colville Tribes Fish and Wildlife Department nearly 10 years. My current position is a Wildlife Biologist where I cover the Omak, Nespelem, and Sanpoil Districts. I handle everything from big/small game, predators, aerial flights, problem animals, trapping & collaring, relocation of animals, timber sales, and write Environmental Assessments for timber sales and various other land-based projects. A vital part of my position requires me to have close relationships with many different tribal and non-tribal entities. I work alongside many departments such as BIA Forestry, History & Archaeology, Environmental Trust, Range Department, Department of Natural Resources, WA Department of Fish and Wildlife, WA Department of Ecology, as well as landowners, both tribal and non-tribal in our Usual & Accustom areas.

I have spent all my life here and I believe there is no better place to live and to protect. I have a deep passion for our land, water, and its animals. It’s important that we do all we can to preserve the land of our ancestors and where we call home for future generations.

Throughout the election process there have been many areas of concern expressed to me by the membership. If elected I will work diligently on these issues and provide regular updates on my progress. A few of those areas are; the improvement in quality of life for our elders, additional services for substance abuse, mental health programs, and suicide prevention, greater support for our youth with a continued emphasis on language, traditional practices, and preparedness for adult life, the formation of an objective ethics committee separate from the CBC, and the diversification of tribal business ventures.

In parting, I would like you to know that I am an honorable person. I am a devoted father, husband, son, and friend. I am passionate about our tribe and I am ready to serve as a true voice for our people. I have no personal agenda or vendetta to pursue. I do not support greed and I am not vengeful. I am confident in my abilities, I work well with others, and I believe I can enact positive change for all our people, regardless of district. I hold your vote of confidence in high regard and am ready to hit the ground running.

I would love to answer any questions and listen to your concerns, please do not hesitate to call me at 509-641-2030, e-mail me at, or contact me on social media via Facebook.


Jarred-Michael Erickson 


Way’, Nespelem District Voter,

My name is Justin R. Boyd (Colville, Wenatchi, San Poil, Entiat, Methow, Arrow Lakes), born and raised in Nespelem. I humbly ask for your vote on May 11 for Nespelem District Position # 2.

My grandparents from my mother, Shirley Whalawitsa, is Lawrence Whalawitsa and Sophia Dick. My grandparents from my father, William “Rudy” Boyd, is William Boyd and Matilda “Tillie” Seymour (Carden/Absher). I am married to the love of my life, Sharon L. Boyd (Swan). We have five (5) beautiful children: Tiana, Myka, Justice, Cecilia, and Calijah.

I will work hand in hand with you in serving as your Councilman and Representative. Here are overarching goals I plan on executing:

  1. Protecting and Asserting our Sovereignty;
  1. Build 10-15 energy efficient homes for our membership each year;
  1. Negotiate Top Dollar on all Private & Federal Contracts. Generate sustainable revenues and invest in our community and infrastructure;
  1. Build safe and adequate road systems. Construct environmentally efficient:
  • Long House
  • Community Center
  • Convalescent Center for our elders
  1. Upgrade outdated housing within Nespelem District with energy efficient windows, doors, insulation, appliances. Tribal members pay outrageous electricity bills, with many on a fixed income. I plan on working together with the Nespelem District to take quick action to ensure equitable measures are set in place for the benefit of our tribal members & tribal government;
  1. Constitutional Reform: Pull the Ethics Committee out of the Colville Business Council. Great governance is achievable if our leaders are held accountable for actions outside the law. As a Sovereign Nation, this needs to happen immediately to ensure safety, continuity and faith in our leadership. The CBC should be focusing on the current and the future welfare of the membership, instead of fighting with each other. Move this ethics committee into a judicial body of Administrative Law Judges who have no direct links to the CBC is the cure;
  1. Accessible Fiber Optic. Our community deserves the opportunity for our tribal members to get plugged into this fiber optic at low rates. We the heart of our government and high speed internet is very critical to carry out communications quick, effective and efficiently.
  1. Educational initiatives that include having a greater leadership presence within the Nespelem School District and Coulee Dam School Districts. Provide 10 scholarships to students who are pursuing higher education in the fields of Federal Indian Law & Policy, Natural Resources, Solar Energy, Environmental Law, Energy Development, Global Warming, Hydrology, and Civil Engineering.

The Colville Business Council is in need of positive change. My vision is to empower our people and the Colville Confederated Tribes to become the standard in innovation for Indian country. My vision is to work alongside you to build our future for the traditional, cultural, and ecological benefits for all our relations.

I received the graduate student of the year award from University of Arizona: Recognizing Academic Excellence, Service, and Leadership; 40 under 40 Award from The National Center of American Indian Enterprise Development: Recognizing Leadership, Initiative, and Dedication to Indian Country Economic Developments; Colville Confederated Tribes Program of the Year: Recognition of Management and Leadership.

I earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Fort Lewis College and specialized in Federal Indian Law, Tribal Governance & Leadership, and Nation Building. I earned a Master’s Degree from University of Arizona and specialized in Federal Indian Law and Policy, Tribal Colleges & Universities, Tribal Governance & Leadership, and Nation Building. I am a nation builder. Sovereignty in Action!

If you have any questions, ideas, concerns, and recommendations, feel free to contact me.




It's that time year when exciting things happen, a time of anticipation, but most importantly a time when you will be making an important decision as to who is your person of choice. Let me tell you about Sheilah Cleveland:

2016 to 2018, you saw fit to elect me to represent you, it was just two years, not enough time to finish what I has started out to accomplish. As a delegate to the Indian Health Board, I was astounded to learn there were thirty vacancies within our clinic here on campus and say by chance you learned of a vacancy you qualified for you had to send your application in to the Portland Area office to apply. I was in the process of rectifying that when my term came to an end.

I've worked for the Tribe for 37 ½ years, I felt this experience gave me an edge up that when people called me needing help I automatically knew which program to send them to.

My husband Stretch and I have been together for 42 years, with thirteen grandchildren and numerous great grandchildren.

That's me in a nutshell. Take a strong look at the experience I have. The solid home foundation and the ability I had in assisting you in any way that I could when I was on council. Give me the opportunity to finish up what I had started because as you know two years is not enough time to do a good job and get things done.

Put your confidence in me one more time and see what happens


I am asking for your support in the forthcoming CBC primary.  Since 2013, I have worked for the Colville Tribes, first from 2013-2015 as the Transportation Planner for CCT: DOT, and from 2015-Present I have had the privilege of serving the Tribe as the CCT Planning Director.  Prior to working with the Tribes in 2013, I held positions with US Senator Maria Cantwell, the Department of Homeland Security, the BIA and FHWA. 

My educational background includes a BA from the Evergreen State College a Planning Masters from EWU, and I will be awarded my Masters in Public Administration from the Evergreen State College in early 2020. 

My family background is Marchand’s on my father’s side, and McDonalds on my mother’s side.  My partner of 9+ years, Doreen Carden, and I, became proud parents in the fall of 2017 with the birth of our daughter Kara Ellen Marchand.

Key reasons why you should consider my candidacy

  • Track Record of Implementing Positive Change.  Since 2015, I have served as the Tribes Planning Director.  Planning around 2015 was occupied by a number of people who appeared in local newspapers for drugs and embezzlement, the corrections log for various infractions and social media for their drunken/drug induced exploits.  Planning in 2019 is not associated with any of those things, and we now have an entire program who conduct themselves professionally, meet the minimums for their jobs and are accomplishing huge things for the community.  Implementing positive change in a tribal organization is not easy, and I am the only candidate who has a very clear and tangible track record of doing so.
  • Ethical. As Manager, I have always hired the best candidate available, and have hired no friends and relatives.  This approach has resulted in CCT Planning being one of the better Planning Departments in Indian Country.  However, this approach is not the Tribe’s approach overall, although it definitely should be.
  • Track record of asserting tribal sovereignty.  My significant other is a tribal member, my child is an enrolled tribal member, I have a 100% track record of hiring tribal members in my past six years of management level employment, and I have risked my job in the past to assert the tribes sovereignty against the BIA.  What are other candidates track records?  Have they ever had a job significant enough to even have a track record related to either hiring or sovereignty? 

Key first term agenda items

  • Publicize CBC Committee Votes.  In the past, CBC have voted on Committee Chairs in private.  CBC lying to each other about how they will vote, and keeping their votes secret is not conducive towards positive working relationships. 
  • Ethics Reform.  CBC turns over every year, and CBC expelled by one majority, would likely not have been expelled by a different majority.  This situation is unsustainable and the Tribe needs a more sensible approach to CBC ethics. 
  • Hold Administration and CBC Accountable.  The Tribes Law & Order code should be just that, the Tribes laws.  Does CBC/Admin actually comply with its own Code?  Or has it been more of a list of suggestions?  The fact this needs to be debated is unacceptable.

In looking forward, the Tribes confront very serious and grave threats and we cannot afford to elect CBC with no core principles or accomplishments, have absolutely no experience that would lead one to believe they are qualified for a seat on CBC, whose campaign promises are all being accomplished already, are running for the wrong reasons or do not have the tribes best interests in mind.  So, review potential candidates and choose wisely this May.



Greetings Tribal Members,

Please Support me for Position #1 for a SECOND Term.

 My Name is Norma “Cate” Sanchez

My Grand Parents were Alex and Julianne “Sorimpt Cleveland” Dick.

My parents were Leroy Cate Sr. and Bernice”Dick” Cate.  I was born and raised in the Omak area. My children are grown, I raised my family hoping they can support their own families and they expect no favoritism from me.

I will state that I have been involved in the following issues, because it takes more than one person to get work achieved. I will not take credit for something that has multiple players on a team.

My Goals are not promises but ideas of improvement in our Tribe. I have worked on multiple issues in my first term on council. I will never state the position is easy or think things can be changed within a few months. Sitting at the table I see we have many struggles that need to be addressed. Some of the issues are being managed with what little resources our tribe has available.

Some things I have been looking into for reservation improvements.

  1. Housing Options and financial lenders for more housing in our communities.
  2. A recreation permit for non-members who use our parks, lakes, and natural resources.
  3.  Armada Collection agency contract to recover non-member fines in our Tribal courts; abuse of our laws.
  4. Approved by resolution for formation of 501(c) 3 non- profits for our community centers, long houses, senior meal sites. “More work needed to compete the filing”.
  5. Working with the local schools, contractual agreements and funding obligations.
  6. Fish Passage above Grand Coulee dam and alternate fishing area’s below the Chief Joseph dam.
  7. Omak Clinic final Phases.
  8. Omak Wellness/Community center
  9. Senior Meal site.
  10. A facility for our youth that is adequate and safe.

State and legislative involvement:

1. Promoting Tribal water rights.

2. The Columbia River treaty meetings.

3. Border Alliance policy, New Federal law bill, allows Tribal members to cross international borders with regalia, medicines or foods.

4. American Indian Health Policies; alternative options for Tribes to get funds for Health care services, Capital investments and/or maintenance of current facilities.

5. Tribal Voting -opportunity to vote with Tribal ID and PO Box number or general delivery and rural addresses.

6. IHS budget meetings, with the Regional director of BIA-IHS.

7. Governor meetings promoting Capital investment on the Reservation.

8. New Grant Opportunities.

Area’s still in discussion:                                                                          

Clean up around the reservation and community; Culture, Indian Health Services, Drugs and Alcohol, Depression and Suicide, Economic development, Housing, Employment, Elder and Youth facilities.

I will represent our membership; for us to thrive as a Tribe especially now with the president working against Indian country. I have no aspiration for power. I work hard and love Reservation that I come from. I’m privileged to call myself Native.

Work alongside me, this is not a position promise, but an agreement to be a leader, to take direction and ideas from all to improve our reservation and life. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done; I would like the opportunity to continue to look for solutions. I walk my Talk …. And we still need a lot of changes to take place to protect our Resource’s and the Tribe.

I have the same comments as my first letter because my feelings have not changed and my goal is still improvement for our communities. Same picture I do not take many, not my thing.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.


Please vote in the upcoming election. I am asking for your support.

There are some important things I want to work on if elected. We have many pressing issues ahead of us. We have a lot of enemies out there, not the least of which is President Trump, and we should not be spending all our energy attacking each other.

The tribe has filed a lawsuit for land claims in British Columbia. These lands are important to us for many reasons, including our traditions and culture of course, but they are also worth millions and maybe billions of dollars also. Yet there are many important meetings affecting these rights taking place now, but we have no representatives at the table.

Our Gaming Compact allows us to build  three more casinos. I  know, because  I was one of the main negotiators for the Compact, which is unique is the US. Yet nothing is happening here either. This amounts to  millions  in lost  revenues  that the tribe should be getting for new casino sites. Some tribal members tell me that they want the tribe to get back to the days when  we had  larger  per capitas. But  that will never happen unless we make more money. No business makes money comparable to casinos. We need to build out the allowable casinos now.

My friend, former Chairman Mathew Dick recently passed away. He had been working on getting a Wenatchee Reservation . This needs to be prioritized also. I don't see anything happening on this front. We need to identify lands, get them acquired, and get them transferred in Trust Status.

Water is getting more scarce each year. We need to nail down these rights and get a water settlement before these rights dribble away.

I have years of experience in working on tribal issues and also I have high levels of education including Masters degree and a PHD in Forestry. My friends include our Senators Cantwell and Murray and many of our Congressmen and the current Governor who is now running for President are friends. These people respect my opinion and my expertise. These are people we need to work with to get our issues addressed and keep our tribe prioritized. We have over a thousand jobs dependent upon keeping these Federal dollars coming. Trump will propose cutting the budgets, we need our friends in Congress to restore the dollars and save our jobs. 

I started working for the tribe as a teen and worked in  our  forests.  I  quickly moved into tribal management and  planning.  I  have worked  as a  Department head and as acting Executive  Director.  I am familiar with our  management systems and our  budgeting  processes and  I have a lot of  respect for our staffs.  So I have hands on experience with just about every major project the tribe has ever done. In 1970, the tribe had about ten employees. Today we have over 2,000 employees, with many government programs and businesses to provide jobs and income and services. Our tribe needs to continue to grow and get more successful.

Thank you, Michael E Marchand


To Tribal Members in the Omak District,

My name is Michael Klyne Fry, I am a Colville Tribal Member seeking a position on tribal council for Omak District. I am in the process of fulfilling a contract with a partner as well as a Canadian Live Seafood Company, the facility is the first of its kind in America and could use the local support in participating helping support the project. I have taken numerous business classes since the project has begun as well as graduating with a business degree after this spring and feel this could be a highlight in numerous businesses wanting to come to the area and fulfill their business obligations next to a one of a kind Live seafood facility. The Live seafood is holding Lobster Live in water of their own native waters while hibernating year around, with this new technology we will be able to supply Live Lobster all times of the season for the first time ever.

As a business we will be operating 2-3 shifts a day enable to supply customers needs, this will entail numerous employment opportunities like quality control, hyster drivers, laborers, as well as management and trucking positions. This is exciting for me and customers to be able to supply these needs to the community, seeming we have history from this estate it is essential for us to show success in refeeding other tribal members forts needs with this product as well as other Live seafood, like crab, oysters, and clams in there own natives waters as well. I have heard members mention there own fish farming wants as well as hatcheries, which is not out of question to the businesses needs and ability. I am asking for support from the membership on this new development for our community as well as keeping a business that has potential of not closing down for benefits of all involved in the project. The project is proposed to be at Chief Joseph Dam next to the current fish hatchery. I would like to hear any input or questions about the facility and needs the membership would want to hear addressed about this development. I have faith that tribal politics and needs of the membership would be positively addressed from outside entities as well as our own with positive progression while being apart of a one of a kind business. Thank you for taking time to read my letter as well as taking time to be proud of a new opportunity for our nation.

Thanks again 

Michael Fry



Hello Omak Voter,

Thank you in advance for taking your time in reading this letter. I’m asking for your Vote on May 11, 2019. I’m Shirley K. Charley, applying for the job and responsibilities in position #1 as our elected Council person for the Omak District.

Leona M. (Tonasket) Rubi is my mother. Passed on is my Father: Frank “Oly” Marchand. Grandparents: Louise (Camile) Tonasket/Leo Tonasket and Josephine Marchand/George Marchand. Married to Dale Charley, we have grown children, grandchildren, siblings and extended families. Born and raised in Omak, WA.

Follow and practice Traditional ways of our Tribe and others daily. Common sense, empathy, morals and standards are life learned and firmly embedded within. Speak the truth and truth never changes. Alcohol, Drug and criminal record free. Not a bait’n switch person. Will answer questions and ifl don’t know the answer, I will find it.

Read, write and need to uderstand issues presented and will ask the avoidable questions. I am a “policy maker” and will lobby to make changes so we follow our Tribe’s Constitution at all times. A leader in finding workable and reachable solutions.

I have been elected 3 times and would be honored to represent us again with your help in voting for me. I have been the Chairperson of Health & Human Services, Law & Justice, Tribal Government, Elections and Secretary of the Executive Committee. Experienced to lobby in National and Tribal affairs. Know and understand the “issues” that effect us. National issues shouldn’t overshadow “home front” issues. I have the experience and knowledge of issues, process, conducting business in an adult manner and know when “respect” should be adhered to. The “disrespect to us, the membership” saddens me and I firmly believe we can change this attitude by who we VOTE into office. Consider your vote for me.

Few issues of concern:

*More done for our Veterans. Homes and necessary Health Services.

*Paved road to IHS, Tribal HUD sites, Coyote Creek from Hwy 155 to Columbia River Road aka: Omak Lake Road (minutes not hours in response time).

*Affordable Houses/Trailers and when we get a small raise our rent/payments DON’T increase.

*Travel accounts/expenditures of all our elected officials, Public Information Act.

*Our schools on and near the reservation should have the resources needed to keep our children and staff safe.

*Activities for our Youth that are not always sport oriented.

*Transparancy is only adhered to “if’ they want us to know.

Fresh eyes and open ears are new ways to resolve old issues. Finalize them and get on to new business. Times have changed and not all of our “old ways” work

Good faith discussions should be for us, the memberships benefit not self serving actions.

I have held Office jobs, Highway Flagger, Traffic Control Supervisor, Personnel Office Manager, Domestic Violance/Sexual Assault Advocate and Colville Business Council.

Thank you again for reading my letter and to consider VOTING for Shirley K. Charley on May 11, 2019.

Travel safe.






My name is Karen Condon. I am a Candidate for the Colville Business Council, Omak District, Position 2.

I am a member of the Condon and Arcasa families and was raised in the Omak/Kartar Valley by

Leonard and Jean Betty (Arcasa) Condon.

As a single parent, I took a huge risk and, with my daughter in tow, attended university a few years after graduating from high school and worked hard to obtain two BA degrees (history and religious studies).

Educated tribal members are often put down for various reasons,  but I am proud  of  my education  and it was a bigger challenge than I  thought  it would  be.  Like a lot of  tribal members, I was not prepared for college. But, I was determined to obtain an education and, to return home to work for my people.

Returning home was easy, finding employment was not, because people did not want to hire an educated tribal member. Eventually I was hired and worked my way up the tribal organization ladder. Needless to say, there have been setbacks but I am committed to serving the Tribes in any capacity.

I have over twenty-five years of service with the Tribes as an employee. I served on Council previously and was elected in the Special Election in March of 2018. As a Council member, it is my responsibility to represent and serve you as positively and productively as I can.

Due to the limited amount of space for this letter, here is a short list of some major issues  I will focus on, if re-elected:

  1. Forensic audit of the entire tribal organization.
  2. Revising the qualifications for Council candidates, which includes, but is not limited to: A)Tribal, County, State and Federal criminal background checks that must be completed at least two weeks before certification of candidates; B)drug and alcohol testing at least two weeks before certification of candidates; and randomly, throughout the year; C)raise the age limit of candidates from twenty-five to thirty-five years of age. If any candidate cannot meet the revised qualifications, s/he will not be certified. The revised qualifications will be effective in the 2020 election cycle and the Constitution will have to be amended.
    1. Extend the revised Election Schedule of Events by two weeks, in order to adhere to the revised qualification requirements.
    2. 4.    Ethics will be handled by an independent group or the Colville Tribal Court of Appeals. Public and District meetings for a minimum of six months to discuss changes to the current code; written recommendations gathered and submitted to the Elections Office for certification purposes. A deadline set to review and revise the recommendation options before they are sent out for a Referendum vote. Policies and procedures and, code amendments will have to be drafted and approved before they are effective. Involvement of the membership in addressing this complex issue is very important!

4. The lack of housing continues to be a problem and tiny homes could be the best solution. Additionally, I am committed to the protection of our natural resources, the revitalization of our languages and cultures, education, health, employment, training, and securing funding for the Omak Clinic, Senior Meal Site, Wellness/Community Center, and Head Start projects, a boys and girls club, the completion of the fiber project, expanding the Tribes' broadband capabilities and, developing and submitting hemp business plans to USDA after hemp rules are approved, so production can start right away.

Due to space limitations, this list is short. Call me if you have questions or concerns, 509-322-6204. Limlrntx,

Karen Condon PO Box 627

Omak, WA 98841


April 1, 2019

            Remember to vote!

            My name is Edwin Marchand and I am running for Position #2 of the Omak District. It is time that the Colville Business Council works for its “membership” for the people with dignity restoring honesty and integrity in its governance.

-  Ethics must be removed from Council control! Have a separate committee, such as, the Peacemakers (elders) judging ethics complaints.

-  Council should not have any felony(s) or domestic violence or assaults on their criminal records.

-  Reservation wide voting! Still have Primary Elections in our Districts, and then reservation wide voting in the General Election.

-  Elect one “off- reservation” Council person to give some representation to off Reservation members. Using existing Council positions not adding additional Council.

-  It is important to have our key positions classified as salaried with employment contracts. This is important as they must be accountable with performance evaluations.

-  Control non-tribal businesses development on the reservation for example Gebbers agricultural development of 3,000 leased acres. The Tribe needs to assess taxes on these businesses; protect our natural resources; protect our wildlife; and ensure they comply with tribal employment regulations.

We have many problems on the Reservation ranging from high unemployment, lack of youth activities, homeless, not protecting our forests, and drug (opioid) problems. First of all, it is important to say that I support helping our youth by developing Wellness Centers and in supporting any educational opportunities. Secondly, I would support adding benefits for our elders, such as, supplementing energy costs and assisting in living needs. Thirdly, I support developing a Treatment Center. Lastly, we need to give top priority in developing an overall economic development plan for future business development and to address infrastructure development, such as, housing, sewer, and water.

Support developing a Treatment Center! However, I support building it in a place where it has the best chance of succeeding, not necessarily in Keller, Washington.

In the past, it has proven impossible to do any planning or developing of our Reservation as priorities change after every election. Similar, to national politics we have our special interest group(s) that profit on our Reservation and many have labeled them the “Good ‘ol Boys.” This is evident in placement in key positions, high salaries, families given jobs, business development, board appointments, and questionable tribal legislation.

We are given 600 words for this article, so by no means can I address these problems, but if we can make changes in the check-marked points we can instill positive changes that will help our Council to work for the people not for special interests’ groups.

In developing an overall economic development plan, we must recognize some of our failures. Note that our corporation has failed us by not developing the Mill Bay Casino to maximize profits; not fully developing the 12 Tribes Casino; mismanagement of our convenience stores; and the mismanagement of our forests. These are or should be our bread winners as they have tax advantages and are monopolies. I have listed them because we have lost millions of dollars by not maximizing these businesses.

 I have listed many problems or areas of concern and if elected it is my goal to work for the people to correct these problems whether you live on or off the reservation. I have heard of some current Council discussing taking away off reservation voting and I am totally in disagreement with this as we are all equal members to this Tribe. If you have any questions or other concerns, then you may contact me at: (509) 230-0657. 


Edwin L. Marchand 


Omak District Voters

t'il' xest! My name is Ernie A Williams and I am running for Position #2 Omak District. Currently, I reside in my home at 113 Camp 6 Desautel Omak. My cell number is 509.322.1810.

I am proud to be full blooded Colville Tribal member of the Methow, Entiat, Wenatchee, and San Poil bands. My Grandparents were Jerome B Miller and Agnes Miller Peters of Azwell and Ernest Fred Williams and Christine Williams of Ellisford. My  Mother was Mary Agatha Marchand also a Miller from Azwell. I have a beautiful wife, Roberta Tonasket   and many wonderful children, grandchildren and great grandchildren on both sides.

I graduated from Oroville High School in 1967 and Wenatchee Valley College in 1971, where I received my certificate for Heavy Equipment Operator /Construction Instructor. I worked 38 years in Construction and received many awards as a Homeland Security Construction inspector on the new Oroville Port of entry.

In 2008, I was very fortunate to be elected to the CBC and to serve two terms. During this time, I served on the Community Development board lobbying for roads, building bridges  with Canada, continuing sensitive  cultural training at the border, grape vineyards, and attended many important trips to create shovel ready road projects, and resolving housing issues. We had a construction company of workers that did the crushing and building of reservation roads, even had homes built at Butter Cup lane for solar.

I am a supporter of at least one Plywood Mill that will be efficient but not cause too much strain on our forest or environments because our plywood was the #1 product in the US. This will provide more jobs for our Colville Tribal members and will also give them much needed experience for future job opportunities.

It is important to support the Hemp planting project to gain a larger acreage base while perfecting our water usage plan. This can help us create an ideal model for more self-sustaining crops: hay, corn, and many others that can be sold in our tribal stores. By harvesting our own crops, we can have our awn Colville logo on whatever is grown or manufactured on our reservation for Tax breaks and incentives to possibly service other local businesses.

With creating a more self-sustaining tribe, leads back to our youth and education. Encouraging and supporting our people that want a better education is something that I want to help strengthen. We need to empower and strengthen our people to go out into the world and get educated so that we can grow together as a whole. I will work with our education programs to help with their needs to create better opportunities.

Myself as well as my fellow candidates will go into council with open minds and see what current business venture and economic Development projects are in the works.

I support

  • Reservation wide voting
    • Adopting of all Indian Blood to raise the current blood degree however I do not support lowering the degree to 1/8
  • Culturally sensitive training at our boarder crossings
  • Four-year term for council in an effort to getting things accomplished
    • Casinos in the Moses Lake/ Wenatchee or Cashmere area
    • Creating more apprentice internships to become journeyman: plumbing, electrician, heavy equipment etc. lamlamt

t'il' ica?


Omak District Position #2 candidate Ernie A Williams



Preston Boyd, M.S.W/Med Position #2

Omak District

Dear Tribal Members:

Int roductio n: My name is Preston Boyd and I've moved to the Omak area about 8 years ago. I'm a horseman, and active community member who desires to see greater success for the people. Most of all I'm a doer and get it done type person. As an elected leader, I will strive to bring positive change for the Tribe through hard work, commitment, decisive thinking and integrity.

Platform: A few areas I would like to impact are: 1) Strengthen and abiding by our constitution and by­ laws through endorsing strong leadership ethics. 2) Review and support the tribe's aging infrastructure.

3) Provide transparency in the elections process. 4) Support health reform for our tribal members for better healthcare.

Candidacy: I am running for the Omak district, position #2. The primary will determine if I am chosen to move on to the general election. I am elated in the prospect of being your chosen representative who will fight for your rights as tribal members and for "our" unmet needs (I.E., facilities repairs, community new structures). 

Support: In order to prove my worth and potential as a tribal leader, I need your vote. I am at the age that I have experience and knowledge on how to move things forward in our tribal system. I have the education to meet and greet with external agencies and governments that tend to pacify us as Indian people with platitudes and promises. I have the motivation to want better for our Indian people. If you want change, vote for experience, performance and for someone who genuinely cares.

You can contact me with your concerns; ideas and dreams for our tribe, land, and resources so that we can maximize the return to the you "us" the people. Phone# 509-861-8165

Preston Boyd


My name is Russell W. Boyd and I am running for the council position #2 in the Omak District. My parents are Cindy & the late Wayne Boyd. My maternal grandparents are Josephine Seyler (Marchand) and Fred Fulgham. My paternal grandparents are Matilda “Tillie” Absher and William “Bill” Boyd. I have 2 sisters Shannon and the late Bridget Boyd and I am raising 9 healthy, happy, beautiful children who are all involved and active in many different sports.

First, I would like to thank the community for coming together and helping our family in our time of need. We lost our house in a fire last year and went through some tough times. We received so much help from the administration and others that I can’t even begin to show my appreciation. I want to thank all those who have stood by our side and helped us when it mattered most. I may not be able to pay every individual back, but I pray that if given the opportunity I make you proud throughout my future endeavors.

I have worked in different departments from the age of 14 until now throughout the tribe. I received my education at Interface Computer School, Interface College. After Graduating from there in 2002, I started work as a Network Administrator for PSIS and stayed there for 9.5 years. After working for the school I went on to work at the Colville Tribal IT Department as a Systems Tech and have worked my way up to Systems Services Manager in a little over 6 years. I had also stepped in as the Community Center Manager for a few months so I’ve been fortunate enough to gather great experience along the way.

There are many reasons I’ve decided to run for council and here is a list of examples in no particular order:

  • Wanting Positive Change for our people
  • Improve Elder care
  • Improve Youth Education
  • Solve financial burdens that have been left to the casinos and other businesses
  • To increase Tribal revenue resources (Hemp as an example)
  • Expansion of the fiber optic services to:
  1. Lease fiber to 3rd party companies to generate revenues;
  2. Provide data storage to outside companies and help them keep compliant with all organizational needs;
  • Protect our sovereign rights
  • Preserve our traditional ways

I passionately believe I need to defend our tribes and our tribal sovereign rights from the direct threat of the Trump Administration. Many proposals, enacted laws, etc. that have already come out of his administration are being felt strongly by our fellow tribesman, especially the proposal to eliminate the Affordable Care Act. This would drastically affect our health services. We need to take a stand and prepare ourselves in a good way to fight the fights on their grounds (Court System).

I believe being able to walk in our traditional ways along with keeping a wary eye on the progressive nature of America in general is a positive way to move forward as a tribe. My education and career follows the progressiveness of the world around us and my upbringing and teachings of the sweat, jump dances, stickgame, and belief in a higher power is what keeps me grounded with the best of my people at heart. I am an independent thinker, leader and team player.

Above all, I want to protect our land, water, traditions, language and everything that makes us sovereign. Let’s not go back to doing what we’ve always done and expect different results. Let it be within your heart to allow me to make change and represent us in a good way. Lem Lempt 

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