The family of Pete James would like to express our appreciation to all who assisted with services for our brother, uncle, cousin, friend.

The convalescent center staff have been exceptionally accommodating the 2 nights we sat with Pete..

Annie Timentwa, Angie and Lucy & Pat Finley your presence and help is strengthening throughout the week.

Alice, Jeannie, Skip & Loretta as well as Davy thanks for sitting and checking on Pete during his final hours.

Nancy Cawston thank you for your immediate response to get the ball rolling and contacting Rodney Cawston to initiate enrollment process for buriel . All have been super efficient.

Ginny Lezard, Colleen Leskinin,Andrea George, Terry & Buzz  miley ida Abraham Lois James. , Sam ankney, and Marilyn Turner thank you for the meals and, beverages, candles, fruit.

My husband Jim sons Will & Den and daughter Lisa Carson stepping in and caring for the children and keeping the home running smoothly as we prepared for services.

The hunters provided plenty of meat and was great

Billie Jo Bray, I appreciate your crew and the meals prepared. your genuine concern for the family is a precious gift.

Donations from Mae Davis, Janet Wak Wak Nickleson. Gloria Simpson, Angie Timentwa & family  Debbie Hunt Jeannie Jackson  your help was a blessing.

Debbie who made trip to and from Toppenish during the week was appreciated..and thank you micheal Sam for your visits to Pete .

Nephew Aaron & family from warm springs thank you for coming.

Special thanks to Father Jake, Nancy Armstrong Montes, and Bill Timentwa and drummers  for your services. as well as Mary Vasquez and Fred Manuel for their song & prayers for Pete and help afterward too

Also Dennis Butterfly for the beautiful flute music.

Although the visit was afterwards due to weather I had the good fortune to meet Pete’s son Terron Mcdonald who he hadn’t seen . We tried to arrange an earlier visit but due to unfortunate circumstances it never occurred in time. But thanks for coming anyway . 

My condolences to my Cousin Gene Sam family whose services were back to back to Pete 

And to Bev Morin’s family whose funeral was same time ..

Much love to our community for coming together at times like this...there were long distance phones calls, many messages and prayers.  Love to all

—Suzette Moore

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