During the cold month of November there was a flurry to raise money for Coats for the Community. The project was brought to the attention of the Colville Business Council. The Management & Budget Committee made a consensus to get support, Chairman Cawston sent out a letter to members and quickly responses came in. 

The Colville Tribal Contracting Officer sent a mass mail out letter to contractors to amplify the fundraising effort for coats. There was also an option to one drop off at the Government Center. Likewise, some tribal members and leadership applied for coats through the non-profit, Operation Warm, and had much success.

The mission was simple. Let us provide coats for the children and those in need. The idea was catapulted by community members, a Colville Tribal Indian Housing Authority grant, Colville Tribal Credit, 12 Tribes Colville Casinos / Colville Fuels / Colville Tribal Forest Products, Operation Warm and Tribal member’s personal donations. 

Project leaders and tribal leaders were astonished with support. After the money was raised and the grant application came back as a success each Tribal Head Start student will receive new coats for this season as soon as next week. The Tribal Head Start Program has approximately 140 students across all districts.

 As for the community members, we had a stack of coats in the drop box and they were up for grabs at the LIHEAP/Food Distribution office.

A majority of the donations were anonymous. The tribe greatly appreciates all donations and the effort to get coats for children and those in need.  

In the future we’re going to be working with council on a direction to be more successful next year. We would need to be prepared to get coats by September if we want to go somewhere like Burlington Coat Factory. But for this year we were able to secure enough coats between 3 Walmarts in our area and the donation from the non-profit Operation Warm. Photos of the kiddos with new coats will come shortly!

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