The Tribune put out a call for reactions to President Trump’s Tuesday night speech regarding his proposed $5.7 billion border wall. We received 36 comments, meaning many people were engaged — or, in general, wanted to show their lack of support for giving Trump their attention. Here were some of the more, well, productive highlights:

• Cindi W. said, “We need to support the border tribes. His plan would confiscate (under eminent domain) tribal lands to build the wall.”

• Tony M. said, “Divide and conquer.”

• Janet D. said, “Build the Wall.”

• Danielle A. said, “The biggest thing is he wants all the government workers to work without PAY he doesn’t care if they have money for food, housing, utilities. It makes me mad bc he has no compassion for no one or nothing.”

• Mae T. said, “More lies if you fact check. I don’t understand why anyone Native would believe he and WHITEHOUSE are trying to take native rights away and take the rights of the lands away. Truly check and read all he is doing.”

• Tillie G. said, “I watched it just so I could keep up with current events. This was just sad for the POUS continue to lie and forcing the media to air those lies. There is no emergency to have him call emergency crisis and he knows it.”

• Leslie P. said, “He talked about how the wall being built was the only source to the immigration problem and how the Democrats are to blame for the shutdown. Yet, the Democrat party had other suggestions that would also benefit with security on the Southern wall that would benefit the USA and Mexico. Trump is just ... using the shutdown as a means to get his way. Democrats even suggested ways to reopen the government and still discuss ways to help security on the boarder. So yes I believe Trump is to blame for the shutdown.”

Based on our interactions with tribal members, we know there are some Trump supporters and we wanted to open the floor for both sides. Posts like this give you a minor glimpse of the concerns our subscribers and followers in print and online, really have.

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The Tribune editorial board consists of Cary Rosenbaum, Justus Caudell and Shane Moses.

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