To Cary Rosenbaum, Editor:

I read in the latest Tribune that the Tribal Council is requesting a referendum vote on 4 year terms, to change Amendment IX. It is about time they move and get it done. The Confederated Tribes have been directed, for one reason, to do 2 year terms when forming our government. It was to keep us fighting each other for a chance in next years vote and then start campaigning for the next term. Which we have been doing for nearly 90 years. It has kept us down, disoriented and easy to handle. We have been pushed and shoved long enough. Our Great Leader in Washington does not favor our People in any way. He has gone far out of his way to step on us, both regionally and nationally. We have knowledge, power, and an opportunity to do something right for everyone.

For the nay sayers, I am truly sorry for you. The 4 year terms give voters the chance to see if your candidate really “Walk their talk” . It really give the Tribal Leaders an opportunity to show what they are made of and what they truly want to achieve as your leader. Most of their Hearts are in the right place, now they can prove their worth to you. 

So many other tribes have gone to longer terms for their leaders and it shows in their development and direction of their tribes. The list is too long to name. We will be able to face the future with a great deal of hope and greater opportunities than before. Your vote counts, make it count for longer terms and better government.

Wai, Lim Limt

Arnie Marchand

The opinions expressed in these letters are the reflection of the author/s and not the Colville Confederated Tribes. 


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