Instructor Guy Sanford, standing center, leads a class through hands on fiber optic training at the Lucy F. Covington Government Center.

NESPELEM—This week TERO offered Fiber Optic Certification, followed next week by an Advanced Fiber Optic Certification by International Network Consultants who assist with job placement, finding internships, resume building and interview technique assistance for graduates of the program.

Guy Sanford, Founder and Fiber Optic Association (FOA) Senior Instructor of International Network Consultants has previously completed two classes at the Lucy Covington Government Center in 2019.

He has over 35 years of experience and successfully taught thousands of students in electrical and fiber optic construction and is considered an expert in NEC 770, EIA/TIA 568, EIA/TIA 569, EIA/TIA 570, EIA/TIA 606 and EIA/TIA 607 standards for fiber optic design.

“What is so great about Guy’s program is that when graduates have their completion certificates in hand they are able to find careers geared towards the future,” said John MacClain, TERO Director. “It is so exciting to know that several of our students have landed amazing jobs for Microsoft and now earn enough to support their family with a bright future to look forward to.” 

All course certificates are sanctioned by the FOA which is the largest professional society of fiber optics in the world and is recognized for their excellence by the US Department of Labor.

If you are interested in a career in Fiber Optics, contact TERO at (509) 634-2716 to find out when the next classes will be held.

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