Through a Memorandum of Agreement with the Colville Tribes, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife(WDFW) , Washington Department of Natural Resources(WDNR) and Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission(WSPRC) have provided a tribal version of the Discover Pass called an Annual Pass, which will be distributed to the Colville Tribes at no cost, for display in vehicles operated in or parked on State managed recreation lands by enrolled members of the Colville Confederated Tribes who are engaged in off-reservation rights that have been reserved through Federal Treaty or Executive Order. The State is making Annual Passes available for use by tribal members to avoid the inconvenience of citations based on failure to display an Annual Pass, when tribal members access state managed recreation lands in order to exercise reserved off-reservation rights.

WSDW, WSDNR and WSPRC combined, manage over 1,000 parks, campgrounds, boat launches, trail systems and trailheads and Colville tribal members utilize some of those areas for cultural and recreational activities. Vehicles operated in or parked on State managed recreation lands are required to display an Annual Pass and to be visibly displayed in the front windshield of any motor vehicle or otherwise in a prominent location for vehicles without windshield when and only when engaged in exercise of off-reservation rights. Annual Passes issued to individual enrolled tribal members of the Tribe are transferable to any vehicle being used by such members. Annual Passes may also be distributed to Tribal staff engaged in co-management activities on state managed recreation lands. The Annual Pass expires annually on March 1 and is required to be re-issued each year.

Annual Passes are available at the Parks and Recreation office located on the Mt Tolman Complex, Keller, Washington.  A copy of your tribal identification is required along with current address and phone number and can be faxed to 634-3150, emailed to or mailed to Parks and Recreation, PO Box 150, Nespelem, Wa 99155. Your permit will be mailed to you or sent via tribal interoffice mail. In addition, you can request the Pass by contacting Omak Fish and Wildlife, Vanessa Sanchez at (509)422-7529 or email your request along with a copy of your tribal ID, address and contact number to and she will mail the Pass to you.

In addition, the Parks and Recreation office issue boat launch permits, courtesy of National Park Service, for the Lake Roosevelt area only. Please call or email to request and it will also be issued with a copy of your tribal identification. The boat launch permit is required to be re-issued each year.

To obtain a boat launch permit at the boat launch area, take a boat launch permit provided at the kiosk, write your enrollment number on the permit, CCT #XXXX, and place on your dash.

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