April 16, 2020 

Parent/community update 

Good evening, 

Another day of solitude is in the books, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. 

Seniors, school is not over!! 

In order to graduate with a diploma from Grand Coulee Dam SD seniors must fulfill both district and state graduation requirements. During this novel time, expectations for graduation haven’t changed. All seniors need to contact the school to discuss your current status. Now is not the time to check out of your responsibility. 

Distance Learning 

Sometimes good comes out of a difficult situation. Although social distance is frustrating and goes against our normalcy, a rebirth of education is occurring. “Distance Learning” has taken off and is quickly becoming our new platform. How exciting the last couple weeks have been as we prepare to officially launch this new platform on Monday April 20th. 

We need to have grace as this new medium is implemented. Teachers are fast tracking their learning with the hope of helping their students and parents embrace it. Some teachers have already been in contact with their students and some are in the process. Have patience if you have not been contacted. Definitely contact the school if you haven’t been contacted by Friday April 24th. 

Follow Mr. Marshlain as he gives instruction on the basics of the new “Distance Learning” platform. 

Distance Learning Plan for Parents/Guardians and Students 

Remember: Until we can resume teaching in the classroom, please Stay Home / Stay Safe, keep your distance (10 feet) and wash your hands. 

Mr. Turner

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