CTFW Chart on Special hunts.

Special Hunt Applications are open now and are due by midnight June 30, 2021.

Drawing will occur on July 15, 2021.

Successful winners will have until July 29, 2021 to claim their tag by calling one of our offices at (509-634-2110, 509-422-7529 or 509-722-7659) otherwise the tag will be redrawn for another hunter on August 3.

We are urging tribal hunters to utilize the online program to apply.  However, we understand that some people do not have access to the internet, so we will accept call-in applications at our offices (509-634-2110, 509-422-7529 or 509-722-7659).  

Important Note:  Special Hunts and Entries are known as “Lotteries” on the new database system.

You can apply for Special Hunts online at: https://colville.nagfa.net/online

1. If you have been issued a tag in the past, you are already in the system.  Login using your name and Tribal Id Number.  If you have any issues logging in, please call CTFW at (509) 634-2110 or (509) 722-7659. 

2. Sign into your account on https://colville.nagfa.net/online.  If you are not in the system, register online.

3. Verify your personal information.

a. Update as needed by clicking the menu on the top, right corner and select Profile.

b. If the system has you as a tribal member but you are a tribal member elder, please contact one of our offices to be updated.  The only way that you can put in for an Elder Hunt is if you are categorized as an Elder in the system. 

4. Look for any uncompleted harvest reports and complete them by clicking on “Submit Report.” You must submit all your outstanding harvest reports before you are issued any tags in the 2021 season.

5. Once all harvest reports are submitted, click on the “Lottery” tab on the left hand side, and make sure that “2021 Season” is displayed on the right.

6. Click the Lottery Drop Down (where it says “Select Lottery”) and select your desired lottery.

7. Continue adding all the hunts that you want to the list.

8. Once you have all the hunts that you want to enter into, Click “Next.”

9. Verify that you have all the hunts listed.  The entries are free, so no payment method is needed.  Click on the “Generate Lotteries” button to finalize your entry.

10. Continue and then print the “Finish” page for your records.  You have entered for the hunts selected and are done.  Close the website if you are finished.

11. To verify, you can go back to your “My Account” page, again select the “2021 Season” and your “Current Lotteries” will be listed. 


• There are no wait periods any more, except for Bighorn Sheep Hunts.  If you drew a Special Hunt Tag for any species (except BHS) in the last few years, you are still eligible to enter for those Special Hunts. 

• Also, if you have passed your Archery Proficiency Test in 2021, you are eligible to enter for Archery Hunts.  If you have not passed the test, your invalid entry into an archery draw will be invalidated. 

• On this new system, your points are added exponentially each year.  So, if you have entered for the last 5 years, this year’s entry (5+1) would give you 36 points [(5+1)2 or 6*6].  With 36 points, a hunter’s name will be entered into the drawing 36 times versus the newly entered hunter with 1 point/entry.  We hope that this new method will give those that have not drawn for a long time a better advantage in drawing the tag.  All of your points from the old system have been added to the new system. 

• Also, you are able to submit for both archery and rifle hunts for each area (i.e. SH Moose archery and SH Moose Rifle).  However, if you are drawn for either, you will lose your points for both (see chart).

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