This is a Letter of Request for information

I am writing this to Irene Flett of the Spo­kane Tribe, Mark Zori­ca of the Kalispel Tribe and Laura Morago of the Colville Tribal Tribune. You people have been recommended to me to get information and to send information to your respective Tribes. I thank each of you for your time and consideration in this matter.

I am asking for contact information regarding people that are either in the organization or active participants in the canoe events along the Spokane River, Lake Roosevelt, or Okanogan River valley. The Border Crossing at Lake Osoyoos in Oroville on the American side and Nkmip (Osoyoos) on the Canadian side are in their 22-year next year and the program looks like this. Next years event will be historical, because we have never gone from the American side to the Ca­nadian side before.

On July 1st, (Friday) Canada Day a group of canoers will depart at Veterans Memorial Park in Oroville, Washington and cross the border to arrive at the Nkmip camp grounds in Canada. Then on the 4th of July (Mon­day) that group, along with the Okanagan Tribal contingent will cross to the Veterans Memorial Park in Oroville, Wash­ington.

The crossing was be­gun by Herman Edward and JoAnne Lafferty of the Lower Similkameen Band. The event was to commemorate and re­mind everyone that the border was established between Canada and the USA and not for the Okanagan Indian People that lived in this region. The crossing re-enforces the tradition, custom and culture of our People and all that lived in this part of our world. We will not be separated by any imaginary border. We are one people and this event will go a long ways in reminding everyone of that fact

Your help in getting me a list of names, or contact person, or organization that has participated in the canoe events on any of the waters of the Spo­kane and Kalispel will be greatly appreciated. We want your participation and hope you will be invoved in this historic event.

Herman Edward ne­ (250) 499-1374,  or

Arnie Marchand cerastone­ (509) 476-2440

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