Til hust’

As life changes directions we take time to realize sometimes the creator has plans for us when the time is meant to be…

That is the case for me and my family, as I assume the responsibilities of this position here within our tribal council. Without a doubt I take this opportunity and time with the utmost respect and gratitude to the people. As unfortunate as to the means and way I got here I wish nothing but good health and spirit to my predecessor and her family.

Being here just this short while has been overwhelming but very humbling my aspirations is to set an example of what I know and what I’ve seen in my life to be a good leader with moral compass from my elders and ancestors for they look upon us at all times!

I’d like to say I hit the ground running since I got here, my first trip to Olympia was to witness firsthand how our state government operates supporting testimony for Salmon Abundance initiatives and a Wolf management expansion initiative as well. Coming from the natural resource realm my experience with that has help me see, understand and able to speak to those resources. I’ve been to two Washington Department of Fish &Wildlife meetings first one was with our regional directors going over current and future agreements. The second was a stakeholders meeting again in Olympia on Hatchery and Fishery reform. Part of advocating for our resources is being a good neighbor to sit and listen and share our concerns with other parties who are suffering the lack of salmon as the future of Salmon is up and down and currently doesn’t look very good. While I sit here typing out this letter I am scheduled to attend the Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board Tribal Advisory Council meeting in Suquamish.

The Governor recently signed our Marijuana Compact and CBC recently initiated the formation for an LLC for that endeavor. Several Tribal members have inquired and some have been preparing for this same opportunity I wish them well. Part of my process is to get better acquainted with the rules and processes with the state to reassure that compact isn’t jeopardized in anyway.

There is so much that goes on within the CBC realm not meant to be tackled by any one CBC but to pick and choose your areas and make it happen. Capital Projects for our perspective districts has been on the table for a while we currently have both the Community and Nez Perce Longhouses on that list for capital projects. The monies to fund them aren’t set in place but the Nez Perce has some funding , there are several details to be work through and worked out still don’t look to let any of them sit any longer than we have to. Keller has a Treatment facility slated and Omak has a clinic but all have details to work through as well. Nespelem and Inchelium need to get their projects up and going as well and that Capital projects needs to be a stronger priority.  

In short I want to thank the Nespelem District for my opportunity might not quite be a full term but I take the opportunity nonetheless. I appreciate all the well-wishers and all those I’ve yet to prove myself to for we will never make everyone happy that I know for a fact it comes with the territory. 

Limp limpt’

Encha Equist


Darnell Sam


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