Last week, we received an email from a concerned, and rightfully frustrated, tribal member. That member had been looking for emergency contact information on the Colville Tribal website, struggling to find who to call in an emergency related to suicide.

In 2018, when the Colville Business Council declared a state of emergency on suicide, we thought of that very scenario: How does a tribal member find the resources important in a personal struggle?

Speaking specifically about suicide, Ben Descoteaux, Lake Roosevelt Community Health Center told us there’s no wrong door to get help to a friend or family member.

“Keep trying to get ahold of somebody until you get that help,” said Descoteaux. “Keep talking. Keep letting people know you need help. Don’t be alone. Absolutely don’t be alone. If you can get to somebody that is with you, that is safe, all the better.”

If there is an imminent danger, community members should always call 9-1-1 or Colville Tribal Police.

But the challenge continues.

Earlier this month, the Colville Tribes circulated via Facebook the below information, and we thought it was again a good opportunity to share.

Colville Tribal Programs


Tribal Police 

(509) 634-2472

Tribal Behavioral Health 

(509) 634-2610 

Toll Free (800) 573-9343 

Schedule: M-F 7:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Colville Native Connections 

Suicide Prevention 

(509) 422-7450 

or (509) 422-7458

Nespelem Emergency Medical Services 

(509) 634-2440


(509) 634-2834


County Services


Okanogan County Support Center 

(509) 826-3221 

or Toll Free (888) 826-3221

Okanogan County Community Action Council 

(509) 422-4041

Okanogan County Family Empowerment 

(509) 422-5414 

or text (509) 322-7131

Walk-in-Hours 3:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Ferry County Counseling Service 

(509) 775-3341

District 12 Alcoholics Anonymous 

(509) 826-6299

Okanogan Behavioral Health Center 

(509) 826-6191

Ferry County Behavioral Health Center 

(877) 866-1818 

24 hours

Grant County Behavioral Health Center 

(509) 765-1717

Chelan/Douglas County Behavioral Health Center 

(509) 662-7105

Stevens County Crisis Line 

(888) 380-6823




Mid-Valley Hospital in Omak

(509) 826-1760

Coulee Medical Center in Grand Coulee: 

(509) 633-1753

North Valley Hospital in Tonasket: 

(509) 486-2151

Three Rivers Hospital in Brewster: 

(509) 689-2517

Mount Carmel Providence Hospital in Colville: 

(509) 685-5100

Ferry County Memorial Hospital in Republic: 

(509) 775-3333




Nespelem Indian Health Services 


Omak Indian Health Services 

(509) 422-7416

Lake Roosevelt Community Health Clinic 

in Inchelium 

(509) 722-7006

Healing Lodge of Seven Nation in Spokane

 (509) 795-8340

American Behavioral Health Crisis Center 

(Spokane Valley, WA) 

(866) 729-8038

Sundown M Ranch Treatment Center 

(Yakima, WA) 

(509) 457-0990

Confluence Health Center 

(509) 826-1800

Mid-Valley Medical Group 

(509) 826-1600

Family Health Center 

(509) 422-5700


National Resources


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 

(800) 273-8255 

or National TEXT Line: 741 741 (Text HOME)

Trevor Project Line 

(866) 488-7386 

or Text Line (202) 304-1200

Self-Harm Hotline 


or (800) 366-8288

Child Abuse Hotline 

(800) END-HARM 

or (800) 363-4276

Sexual Abuse Hotline 

(877) 995-5247

Domestic Violence Hotline 

(888) 826-3221

Teen Line 

(877) 968-8491 

or (310) 855-HOPE 

or visit

Veterans/Military Crisis (Distress) Line 

(800) 273-8255 ext #1

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