Letter to the editor,

I believe that, especially in this day and age, people who do things that are offensive, weird, and just plain wrong all around should be called out. With the extremists between both sides ruling the internet (which let’s be honest is NOTHING new) TV, social media, news, and of course reality, (again nothing new) but very rarely actually punished. However, in reality people are often much less likely to receive the proper repercussions for their actions. (Ironic I know) actors, directors, coaches, police men etc., getting a slap on the wrist at most for sexual harassment, assault, domestic abuse, and even murder. Why? That is a question everybody asks whoa are their victims, lawyers, witnesses, people who have faced similar situations, who know people who were in those kinds of situations, or just outsiders looking in. Part of the reason is reputation. These people who do bad things already have a good reputation, so most people are less inclined to oppose the perpetrator. This leads into our next point: infatuation. This is more of the case for celebrities. They already have a fan base who love their work and their idea of their dark past and how it fits into their lives, so they can’t bring themselves to unsubscribe to their fan club or stop listening to their music and watching their shows and/or movies. The feeds reason number three: money. This ties into CEOs, coaches, and directors too. They have billions of dollars to have the best of the possibly skeeviest lawyers while most of their victims (not including the other actors, players etc.,) have public defenders, and often not the time to go through the lengthy legal process. These are just a few reasons why people are still around and famous while the victims are silenced. How can we change this? One thing is to take action by making and signing petitions, IRL and on a website called petitions.org (dependents ask for your parents/legal guardians permission) stop supporting these artists, call radio stations to ask them not to put their songs on the radio, organize a (peaceful) protest to let them know that other people are not okay with this. And remember: DO NOT shove these down someone else’s throat if they have a different opinion than you. It is understandable you are angry because of the severity of the situation, BUT ranting and yelling at innocent by standers makes you just as bad as the SJWs on the internet or the preaching people in the street. Point is, inform don’t influence. And that doesn’t mean you can’t try and convince someone, just make sure you do it in a respectful way. 

Tahrae Bear Eagle

Tribal member

The opinions expressed in these leters are the reflection of the author/s and not the Colville Confederated Tribes. 

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