To all my relatives, people,

In reference to the recent election voting. Our people are not recognizing the importance of incumbents who are winning. The past history of accomplishments that council member’s who strive and gotten what we have on our reservation, such as hospitalization (clinics), education, assistance for our “elder’s care” – stipend, grants funding supplement existing programs. The hours and trips to Washington D.C., along with the Washington legislative (state) meeting, which interlock hard work not taken into consideration when voting comes around. Our Representatives have thick knowledge and expertise who are rerunning in hopes to continue benefiting our reservation.

The recent balloting system pertaining to “absentees” and “postmarks” which aren’t legible or worn can have a serious effect toward some incumbents getting more votes to put them into running for that final position.

To me (Pearl W. Sammaripa). The mailing of absentee ballots goes thru the mailing system to the voters, then returned by the voter should be counted. I comply with our system by marking the ballot, signing the envelope and mailing it. I voted for my representative. (Andrew Joseph) But just if??? Not knowing my vote wasn’t counted due to unreadable postmark?? (You have to realize my vote got to Nespelem through the U.S. Post Office System, before the date cut off. This eyeopener could happen! So absentee voters make sure you return envelope clearly stamped by that postmaster.

The other thing the candidates resume’s, background of accomplishments in the Tribune. It should be enough for all voters in 4 districts to select who has experience and expertise to benefit our reservation, our programs, our people.

Lem lem

Pearl Wak Wak Sammaripa

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