The Omak Santa Sleigh Crew would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for donating to help our Santa Sleigh make it’s rounds to the communities in the Omak District.

Special thanks to Colville Indian Housing Authority and CTFC – Brett Black, for their generous donations.  Sam Wilson, Shawn Belgarde, Dorothy Palmer and Polly Peasley for the Bingo/Silent Auction Fund Raiser. H. Van Brunt, Waylon Michel, Larry Witt, Michele Matt, Jody Cook, Serena Frank, Gail DeCoteaux, Jaima Jameson, Doreen Lezard, Sam Wilson, Smoker Marchand, Kim Belgarde, Shawn Belgarde, Cindy Fry, Roxanne Best, Chick Irey, Smiley Bent, Lynn Palmanteer-Holder, Mary Van Brunt and the many others who donated. 

A “big thanks” to all these people who helped Santa put smiles on a lot of children’s faces in the Omak area.  We were able to hand out 1,000 bags of candy and small toys to children along the way.  We started Santa’s journey on December 9th with our first stop in the Malott HUD’s and Rodeo Trail, December 10th Santa was in East Omak, December 11th he visited the Omak HUD’s, December 12th his last visit was to Paschal Sherman and the Disautel area where he was received with a warm bon-fire and many friendly families.  He visited with the community there, before continuing on his journey to the North Pole.

Santa has been making his trips to the Omak communities for the past twenty-two years.  It has been our pleasure to see all the smiling faces and hear the giggles and shreks when Santa arrives.  Santa has received many letters, gifts and cookies from children over the years and will cherish them always.

Thank you for allowing us to be able to bring a little joy and happiness to your families during Christmas. 

The Santa Sleigh Crew:  Mildred Erb, Bob Erb, Rocky Erb, Larry Witt, Shawn Belgarde, Kim Belgarde, Laurie Marchand, Hunter Erb, Draven DeMarais, Camille Burke and all the other helpers we have had over the years.

May each and every one of you have a very Happy New Year!  See you next year!!

Mildred Erb

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