We are making it a habit to say thank you and we appreciate all that you do in helping build and improve our business. All the hard work you do has been recognized as we announce our July Employees of the Month.

Tribal Trails - Lucy Williams is a loving grandmother who has been with us since August of 2017. Lucy is a dependable and reliable team player who exceeds expectations to be here early and engaged in her work day in and day out. It is a pleasure having her on our team. 

Noisy Waters - Syela Ransom has been with us since June of 2014. She has been with us through prom, graduation and two babies as she continues to be a valuable team player who puts in the work and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Rainbow Beach Resort -Robin Fry has been with us for over twenty years. She is our lead housekeeper who proves that she’s reliable and knows how to take leadership. When she’s not at work, she’s a caretaker for her brother. Robin is truly a delight and great company. 

Keller Store - Sandra Tonasket has been around for the past twenty years. She is a great asset to our team because she’s diligent, dependable and is always willing to go the extra mile. We’re lucky to have her!

Trading Post - Christopher Henry is an all-around employee who wears many hats. In the eight years he’s been with us, he has shown he knows how to take on responsibility as well as demonstrates excellent customer service. 

Half-Sun Travel Plaza - Kimberly Andrew has been with us since the beginning. Day in and day out she proves just how dependable, driven and fun-loving she can be. It has been an absolute pleasure to have her as one of= our most valuable team members.

Deep Water - Fernanda Parra is a wonderful employee who goes above and beyond. She is reliable, great with customers and an excellent team member. She is a joy to have and we are grateful to have her! 

Inchelium Store - Cheryl Buckman is someone always willing to help others. The hard work and positive attitude she brings to the table is endless. She is a friendly face who can make anyone smile. Thank you for all that you do! 

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