Dear Tribal Members:

Last summer the Colville Business Council declared a State of Emergency because of all the suicides that were happening on the reservation, so when the Suicide Walk was scheduled, I made sure to support the program.  Teri Mail and other staff, and volunteers did an awesome job; they went over and above to make this a huge success.  Tribal elder Bill Cohen volunteered the whole day, in the set up and take down.  There were 150-200 participants, the Omak High School Tract team, The Waterfall Teachers, one person walked for 4 hours to name a few.  My team was myself, Karter Elsberg (1yr 11months), and Thane Swan, we did five laps, except Karter fell and skinned his knees, and had to sit out.  They had over 50 door prizes.

On October 2nd, I accepted the invitation to speak at the PSIS spiritual gathering, at St Mary’s Mission, then over to the Pascal Sherman Indian School (PSIS) for lunch.  The luncheon provided an opportunity to say hello and chat with staff and teachers.  The Superintendent Lynn Palmanteer-Holder is doing a very good job; it was very encouraging to see the positive interaction she demonstrated with the staff and students.  And school board member John Gorr’s passion for the students and their success was quite evident.  What an awesome group of educators.

The General Membership meeting provided the membership an opportunity to voice their concerns, and I was honored by their presence.  What little time they had, they voiced concerns regarding:  Water Rights, Council 4 year terms, Rez wide voting, Tribal courts, the tribes’ dysfunction, and people not feeling good about the direction of the tribe.  We will address these issues, and give a report of the results.

The Census will begin soon, so please complete your census questionnaire, this means money for the much needed programs at the tribe.

Register to VOTE, in the county, state and national elections.

Margie Hutchinson

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