Nespelem Position 1

Rodney Cawston

qe?ciyewyew, limləmt, lamlamt - thank you to everyone who supported me in my primary election.  

I grew up in Nespelem during a time when we had many fluent speakers, when many didn’t have running water or electric heat.  I also grew up on our reservation when our tribe or BIA didn’t have many programs that provided assistance.  Later in life, I started the Language Program and I worked with fluent speaking Elders across our reservation.  I value these as some of the greatest learning experiences that I ever received.  When I decided to move away from our home, some Elders told me to never forget where I came from. 

I have managed several tribal programs, I authored successful grants, which began the Archives & Records Program, the Language Program and the Museum & Gift Shop. During this time, I took night classes driving back and forth to Spokane to complete my degree.  I achieved certification as a federal contract officer.  I was hired as a Regional Federal Branch Chief as the Navajo Nations Self-Determination Officer.  I had an unlimited warrant and could sign both construction and non-construction contracts for unlimited amounts.  Navajo was selected as the first tribe to audit under the Cobell litigation because they held more trust and natural resources than any other tribe in the nation.  I was tasked to develop a work group between the BIA Regional Office and the Navajo Nation to address all the findings of this audit.  Our audit response was favorably accepted.  While in this position, my staff and I signed and transferred millions of dollars to the tribe annually.  I also developed congressional reports, participated with national work groups to develop federal regulations, and I worked with their Council Committees and their law and order code. 

I then became the Native American Outreach Coordinator for WSU.  Working with tribal governments signatory to WSU’s MOU.  I established collaborative research, recruited students, established a Regents Scholarship for Native Students and lobbied the U.S. Congress.

I was selected as the Tribal Relations Manager working for two State-wide elected Commissioners of Public Lands.  I worked with all 29 tribes in the State of Washington, the Senate and Congress committees to address bills that would impact tribal governments.  I also reviewed numerous land management plans such as: 

•Forest Review Application Systems or FPARS

•Aquatic management

•Agricultural management

•Habitat management for both terrestrial and aquatic lands (oceans, rivers, lakes & streams)

•Cultural resource management

•Parks & recreation

•Natural resource laws and regulations

•Wildland Fire Management

•Invasive Species

I drafted the Commissioner’s Order on Tribal Relations, which sets forth the government-to-government relationship between the Washington State DNR and our federally recognized tribes and this document is still used.  This established a statewide Tribal Leaders Natural Resources summit.  I have met with every Washington State tribal council in their chambers and the tribes adjacent to our state.  I worked with the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission and the Upper Columbia United Tribes.  I have also attended many of these tribe’s general membership meetings, potlatches and assisted with the Canoe Journey.

I also worked at the Puget Sound Agency as their Self-Determination Specialist because I wanted to be closer to the UofW as I was working on my PhD.  I have completed my required courses, I have passed required comprehensive written and verbal examinations and I am working on my dissertation.  I have a 3.89 gpa.

I believe all of these experiences have contributed to Colville’s successful lobbying efforts for the 2019 legislative session.

With Respect,

Rodney Cawston


Nespelem Position 1

Charlene Bearcub

Elect: Charlene BearCub, MEd. “Was~Way

Position #1, Nespelem District

Thank all of you who believe in my intention to serve our people with a good heart and clear conscience. I will continue to be straightforward with you from an even greater venue if you elect me into Nespelem District Position #1 in the General Election. With a humble but strong heart full of integrity and compassion, I ask for your vote and support in this General Election.      

Sometimes, not too often but sometimes, something comes along that is so stark and so potentially disastrous to our people, you have to just say never mind the politics, never mind the pressure your peers demand of do, you must ask yourself, “WHAT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO?!”. More recently, our people have been very discouraged by our current council majority who do not follow the RULE OF LAW in their decisions and actions. We vote people into one of the highest places of honor, a seat on tribal council by their written word and spoken promises. We vote for a person we truly believe we can trust to make honest decisions, develop policies, initiate and/or follow our tribal laws in the best interest of 12 Bands to help us prosper in an ever-defeating outside world whose administration opposes INDIGENOUS people’s rights.  Ethics supervision must be removed from council, we cannot dishonor our SEPARATION OF POWERS (ADMINISTRATIVE, JUDICIAL & LEGISLATIVE), and most importantly, VIOLATE OUR SACRED CONSTITUTION. We’ve lobbied for Constitutional Reform for many years now but until that day, our TRIBAL CONSTITUTION is the SACRED LAW of our beautiful Colville Reservation and needs to be respected by our representatives. In my Primary letter, I stated, the foundation of every leadership is to “Govern By the Rule of Law!”. Elected representatives should know and respect our Tribal Constitution and By-laws, our Council Committee structure and process, tribal laws, codes, policies & procedures, the role of ORA (Office of Reservation Attorney), the EPM (Employee Policy Manual), and be familiar with our Tribal Organization Chart. The MEMBERSHIP is rightfully at the top of the grid, where we belong. The MEMBERSHIP is the LAW of the LAND with our TRIBAL CONSTITUTION.  I would love to see enough housing and jobs for everyone, more money reaching the tribal membership, more tribal members attending higher education or trade schools. I am familiar with revenue streams, (the Ramah Settlement payout is a feather in my cap), I know fiscal budgets, (we need to review ALL salaries, especially the councils; we need a forensic desk audit), BIA Fiduciary responsibility, 638 contracting, grants writing, foundations. I served as a GAMING COMMISSIONER BOARD MEMBER who provided oversight of our business arm, now CFED. I served almost  14 years in Adult Probation, most as Probation Program Manager so I am very familiar with tribal laws, codes and policies, judicial boundaries, and conflict resolution. I grassroots volunteer for Ethics Reform (to remove from council), Elections Reform, Constitutional Reform. I served as a Tribal PeaceMaker.  I’m active in the Veteran’s Auxillary. I’ve served as a Diabetes Health Educator for the last 4 years. I am Master’s Level educated and a very competent communicator, however, my lifeline is living my TRADITIONS, CULTURE AND LANGUAGE. I spend quality time with my Elders who hope, in their lifetime, they will see a new community longhouse and a longhouse church for the Nez Perce. I am committed to helping these dreams come true. I appreciate your vote in this important General Election. Lam~Lampt, Thank you. 


Charlene BearCub, MEd., Was~ Way, Candidate, Position #1, Nespelem District.


Nespelem Position 2

Andy C. Joseph, Jr.

Way Leeem lemt (Thank You)

Thank you everyone who voted and for everyone who cared enough to run for our Tribal Council! Here is an update from when I wrote my last Election Tribune Article.

1- The Nursing Home Bill passed both Washington State Senate and House Bill 1564 and was signed by our Governor. 1564 Nursing Home Bill will save our Tribal Funds we Spend to keep our Convalescent Center open. It will save over $1 million a year.

2- I Testified in both House of Congress and Senate at Washington DC on the IHS 2020 Budget, which President Trump only asked for a $106 million dollar increase. The House Appropriations includes $431 million over Presidents $106 which adds up to $537million. And the both CHR’s (Community Health Representatives) and Health Educator Programs get increases. Trump wanted to Cut our CHR’s by 60%, that would have taken 6 of our Tribes 8 CHR positions. He wanted to cut the Health Educator Program. My lobbying saved 7 Jobs which saves lives. Who would drive our Patients to their Doctor appointments? The House of Congress will increase the IHS CHR’s by $25million and the Health Educator Program by $101,000.

3- Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI) I lobbied for it as well, it is funded at $150 million. We are asking for a $50 million Increase.

4- President Trump also caused a Government Shut Down this year which caused Government Programs like IHS, BIA and BIE to limit their Services. So I have been lobbying for Advanced Appropriations. This gives Tribe Funds a Year in Advance like the VA gets.

5- At the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians meeting in Health Committee I motioned to move the Resolution Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Documentary Resolution which passed. Thanks to our Tribal Member Michelle Hall Shining Elk. This Documentary will bring out the truth about how Cases are not being handled the way they should be. Here at home our Wild Horse numbers has been an Issue. I supported our Tribal Horse People to get the same pay our Tribal Programs want to pay a Non Tribal Helicopter Contractor.

• I support getting both our Longhouse built as soon as possible. I supported getting a New Convalescent Center as soon as the new Nursing Home Encounter Rate shows it can generate a good positive revenue stream. I have and always will support our Elders Payments and our Tribal Pre-Capita Payments. I want them all to be Increased. Our Funeral Funds have increased to $4,000. and the Wake Fund is $800. I support our Rights in all our U&A. We need to exercise our Rights. We have to Protect our Resources as our Elders did for us. Our Number One Resource is our Youth and making sure they receive the Resource to make them successful. They Good Health and Education. We need to protect our Earth, Foods, Medicines and our Water as well as preserve our Language and Culture. We live today in a Modern High Speed world and must not get left behind. So we need to invest in our Future with New Technology and Clean Energy Saving Projects. My being on Council isn’t about me. It is about each of you. It’s about the Teachings I received and using them Teachings to help as many as I can. I have dealt with Bush, Obama and Trump. Trump being the worst against our People. To him non of us really mater. I speak load for you and I don’t back Down. I need your help now Please



Andrew Joseph Jr.



Nespelem Position 2

Jarred-Michael Erickson

way ̓ x̌ast sx̌lx̌ʕalt (Hello, Good Day) 

My name is Jarred-Michael Erickson and I am running for the CBC, Nespelem District, Position 2. I am honored and thankful to the membership who have believed in and supported me through the primaries to get me here today!

 My parents are Jim and Karen (Barnaby) Erickson of Coulee Dam where I was born and raised. My father worked for Tribal Forestry for 25 years, including 15 as the Director. My mom worked 34 years as a BIA Realty Specialist, converting over 100,000 acres into Tribal Trust. My wife Carisa and I reside in Elmer City, have been married 10 years and have 3 beautiful children after a long battle with infertility. Reese, Canyon, and Lakes are our world. 

My maternal grandparents are Donald and Betty (Desautel) Barnaby. My grandpa’s parents were Morris and Annie Michel. His grandparents were Chief Barnaby and Agatha Pichette. My grandma’s parents were Albert Desautel and Myrtle Peone. My grandma’s great-great grandpa was Chief Joseph Tonasket.

I hold an AA degree from SFCC, a Bachelor’s in Biology from Eastern Washington University and have been employed by the Colville Tribes Fish and Wildlife Department nearly 10 years. My current position is a Wildlife Biologist where I cover the Omak, Nespelem, and Sanpoil Districts. I handle everything from big/small game, predators, aerial flights, problem animals, trapping & collaring, relocation of animals, timber sales, and write Environmental Assessments for timber sales and various other land-based projects. A vital part of my position requires me to have close relationships with many different tribal and non-tribal entities. I work alongside many departments such as BIA Forestry, History & Archaeology, Environmental Trust, Range Department, Department of Natural Resources, WA Department of Fish and Wildlife, WA Department of Ecology, as well as landowners, both tribal and non-tribal in our Usual & Accustom areas.  

I have spent all my life here and I believe there is no better place to live and to protect. I have a deep passion for our land, water, and its animals.  It’s important that we do all we can to preserve the land of our ancestors and where we call home for future generations. 

As previously stated in my first letter, there have been many areas of concern expressed to me by the membership. If elected I will work diligently on these issues and provide regular updates on my progress. A few of those areas are; the improvement in quality of life for our elders, additional services for substance abuse, mental health programs, and suicide prevention, greater support for our youth with an emphasis on language, traditional practices, and preparedness for adult life, the formation of an objective ethics committee separate from the CBC, and the diversification of tribal business ventures. 

In parting, I would like you to know that I am an honorable person. I am a devoted father, husband, son, and friend. I am passionate about our tribe and I am ready to serve as a true voice for our people. I have no personal agenda or vendetta to pursue. I do not support greed and I am not vengeful. I am confident in my abilities, I work well with others, and I believe I can enact positive change for all our people, regardless of district. I hold your vote of confidence in high regard and am ready to hit the ground running.

I would love to answer any questions and listen to your concerns, please do not hesitate to call me at 509-641-2030, e-mail me at, or contact me on social media via Facebook.


Jarred-Michael Erickson


Keller Position 1

Jack Ferguson

Keller voters

I would like to thank you for your support in the Primary Election and I am asking for your support in the General Election on June 22nd.

With your support I will continue to advocate for our tribal members in gaining and keeping employment, also bringing more services for our families such as daycare and boys and girls club, and continue to support our elders programs. It has been very challenging to get these done for our district, but we have been successful at working with our other District Representatives in doing so.

We will be breaking ground on the Treatment Facility any day now, this has been a long hard process but we are nearing the end. This is a great opportunity for us to get help for the people that want it, and create employment for tribal members that should chose to work there. We have many projects in the infancy stage and hope with consistency in council we will be able to complete them for the membership.

Again I ask for your vote on June 22nd and I can tell you that I am proud to have been able to work for you all. I am not supported by, nor will I ever be influenced by, the hate groups you have seen during this whole election. I am from Keller, and will continue to keep your needs at the forefront in all I do. I look forward to hearing from you all. 

Thank you,

Jack Ferguson


Keller Position 1

Edward J.E. Cohen

I want to thank everyone who voted Edward JE Cohen during the primary, most of you probably know me as Peach.  Thank you to the voters who believe in my ability to be a representative for the Keller District, knowing that I am a respectable, open-minded, honest individual. My home here in the San Poil Valley is a very import place to me, my family and our membership. 

These are a few of the areas that need addressed: 

• The Ethics Committee must be pulled out of the control of council. CBC cannot police themselves because they work for the Colville Tribal Members

• Our elders need more in-home care assistant workers so they the elders can be in their homes longer where they are comfortable.  The convalescent center also needs remodeled and brought up to date, this should have been done well before the new government center was built. Everyone is talking about the treatment center, but what about our elders. We need to do a better job looking after our elders then we are currently doing.

• Taking the elders stipend should never be an option for a stressed funding source.

• Our CBC needs to stop micro managing our department managers and let them manage their programs.

• Road closures after logging units have been harvested. These areas affect not only the animals, and our ability to sustain our hunter/gather lifestyle, our waterways are extremely important, if we close down the roads after a logging harvest this will help to prevent erosion of the banks and keep sediment out of the water enabling our native fish to thrive, stopping the spread of noxious weeds invading upon our native plants. 

Many of our people come to our valley to hunt, fish, and camp. The natural resources are a very import part of the valley. I support the current youth activities and strive for continued youth involvement to keep their young minds occupied and on the right path.  Offering horseman ship classes in the summer, agricultural classes to increase interest in sustaining our natural resources and protecting our water rights, holding youth camp outs in the mountains when the huckleberries are ready to pick and showing the youth how to take care of and process wild game are all important cultural connections. Joining together our youth and our elders continues our way of life. Learning from the ones before us enables us to continue to share with those who come after us. 

I would be honored if the Keller District would vote me in as their representative for the Colville Tribal Business Council. Thank you for your time. 

Vote Eddy “Peach” Cohen! 


Inchelium Position 1

Larry K. Allen


Hello, my name is Larry K. Allen; I have lived for 13 years in Seylor Valley, Inchelium with my wife Susie Mason Allen. My father is Alfred (Kenny) Allen and my mother is Wilma Mae Zacherle. Both my parents have gone to the other side.

I am a 2019 candidate for the Colville Business Council, Position #1, Inchelium District.

I want to take the opportunity to thank the Inchelium Districts voters who voted for me in our primary election. I also understand that there are those who did not vote for one reason or another. I encourage our Tribal members to mark your calendar and if you didn’t vote by absentee ballots get to the polls. The General Election will be on June 22, 2019. The Inchelium Polls will be open at 8:00 am and close at 8:00 pm that evening at the Inchelium Senior Meal Site. 

I retired from the US Army 75th Ranger Regiment, the premier elite military organization deployed around the world to fight the Global War On Terrorism, as a combat veteran after 25 years of honorable service with an “Honorable Discharge”. I retired as a Command Sergeant Major, the highest rank an enlisted soldier can attain. It was my duty and responsibility to train and lead over 800 Army Rangers to go to war to protect the freedom of the American people and our Native way of life. 

Previously it was my honor and privilege to serve as your Colville Business Council representative for the Inchelium District in Position #2. While on CBC I served as the Chairman for the Employment and Education and Veteran’s Committees.  

In working with and coordinating with a collection of great people at the Tribal, local and state level we have accomplished the following:

o In coordination with CCT Public Safety Director, as requested by Inchelium Tribal members, removed the abandoned vehicles on Silver Creek Road. 

o CCT Homeless Veterans are being provided affordable housing through CIHA by utilizing the Tribal HUD-Veterans Administration Supportive Housing (THVASH) grant. Several homeless or at-risk homelessness Tribal Veterans have been placed in homes. Great job by our CIHA and CCT Veterans Program in taking care of our Tribal Veterans.

o Working diligently with former Army Ranger Wade and Caroline McKissick Young who through the McKissick Trust Fund have donated $20,000 to the Inchelium Boys and Girls Club. Purchased new playground equipment and planning for other projects. No Tribal dollars from our Tribal general fund but funds provided by two Great People who want to make a difference in our Tribal children’s lives.

Short Term Goals:

o Complete the fiber optic build out to our Inchelium critical anchor institutions to ensure our adults and children have the 21st Century technology to compete and excel in our modern job market.

o Working with our CBC to obtain a permit to harvest industrial hemp in our Inchelium community which will provide future jobs and economic growth.  

o Vote to get the CCT Ethics process out from the hands of the CBC. It has a way of splitting our Tribe and families and is a Negative no matter how you dress it up. We need to concentrate on the Positive. 

Long Term Goals:

o Inchelium Wellness Center

o New Inchelium Senior Meal Site

Tribal Leaders do not stop being Leaders if they no longer hold public office but will continue to look at ways of improving the lives of our Tribal members, families and protecting the natural resources of our Tribal Nation. There is no “On or Off switch”. 

Contact information: mobile: (509) 978-9065. Email:


Inchelium Position 2

Elizabeth L. (Susie) Allen

Way’ Tribal Member Voter, 

My sincere gratitude to the Tribal Membership for the vote of confidence to move me forward as your candidate of choice under Position No. 2 for the 2019 General Election on June 22, 2019 (Polls open @ 8 a.m. and close @ 8 p.m.).  


I am a TRIBAL LEADER who will NOT SUPPORT raising the Elder age from 55 to 62 to cut back the distribution amount for reallocation of funding for approved resolution projects.  Our Elders deserve this stipend to maintain your homes, cars and unexpected expenses that arise.  In this day and age your retirement pensions and social security barely help you stay afloat. I will NOT SUPPORT eliminating period.  Should this come to the TABLE, I will communicate with the Tribal Membership immediately to inform you and who is bringing forward.


The membership is at the top and you need to ELECT TRIBAL LEADERS  that will support true fiscal management for our Tribe.  As a MAJORITY the Tribal Council  needs to work together to  set the appropriate standards for financial transparency to the Tribal membership. Under the Tribal Constitution it is the Council’s responsibility to ensure there is quality management, integrity, and accountability.   I will continue to SUPPORT and REQUIRE our Administrators to develop a “FINANCIAL PLAN”  that brings the Tribes operations into the 21st Century.  


We the membership MUST DEMAND Tribal Council to develop a 5-10-year Strategic Plan that includes a multi-million-dollar capital infrastructure investment plan.  Tribal Council has approved a Treatment Facility  and planning for the Inchelium/Omak Wellness-Community Centers, Sr Meal Sites  and the Omak Health Clinic.  A Capital Investment Plan is required to strategize how the Tribe will financially achieve these multi-million-dollar projects to benefit the communities.  I will continue lobbying for this on behalf of the Tribal membership.  -- PRIOR PLANNING, PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE!  


I have worked effortlessly to improve Public Safety communications needed during major Forest Fires, Flooding and Windstorms for the benefit of First Responders and the Membership.  The CBC approved by Tribal Resolution a AT & T Wireless Communications Lease to install a new tower and 4G LTE microwave backhaul on Keller Butte.  Five additional communications facility sites are being planned for that will enhance emergency communications and bring lease revenues to the Tribe.


Chapter 9-7 Eminent Domain was presented to Tribal Members in all four (4) districts by the ORA Code Revisor during the month of April.  The Tribal Members were totally against this proposed code being enacted as a new law in our Colville Tribal Code.  The comment period for this code ended on April 23, 2019 with the comments to be presented on May 7, 2019 to the CBC.  This should have been brought forward as a referendum vote of the membership.   I did not  and will not support this code revision for all the right reasons you the Tribal membership identified.  Had this been passed into Constitutional resolution law, I believe it would have been detrimental to our Tribal Membership for political misuse and abuse.

The CBC pay increase  and  Ethics Code, I will support bringing back to the table 100%.   I want to reiterate to the TRIBAL MEMBERSHIP; I have stayed the course in taking care of the reservation home base to ensure Tribal business is conducted.  As your dedicated TRIBAL LEADER, I have made no false promises and have worked for the benefit of ALL.


Elizabeth L. (Susie)Allen



Omak Position 1

Norma J. "Cate" Sanchez

Thank you for your support in the primary election,

My Name is Norma J “Cate” Sanchez;

My Parents were Leroy Cate Sr. and Bernadine” Bernice Cate.                                                                                                           My Grand Parents were Alex Dick and Julianne Sorimpt Cleveland Dick  

I want to thank everyone for the support in my first term on Council; this time helped me make connections with officials in the local, State and Federal Government to find solutions and alternatives to assist our People.

 My education is finance and accounting I have worked for the Tribe as a Financial Administrator for 5 years, The Tribal Corporation as a Comptroller, Chief Accountant, Accounts Payable and Payroll for 14 years and at Housing for a few months as the Chief Accountant.  I was the assistant manager of the restaurant at a diesel truck stop and a cashier in California. I was a cosmetologist while I was in college.

The Government and State programs are scheduled to cut numerous programs that the Tribes rely on. We operate dominantly on the Federal and State grants. Our Tribe supplements a lot of the Social programs and the resources for additional assistance. We need Business ventures that are profitable.

Sovereignty is how we separate our Government from the local and state legislation. We need to find alternate revenue source’s to support our Tribe. 

 We are a land base Tribe, and should be improving our lands ourselves.

Wineries: Put vineyards in, put processing plants in the districts that need employment. Market the products in the casinos and stores. 

Greenhouses: A Member shared the idea of green houses in all the districts; this idea is great because we cannot produce enough seedlings for our own forest. Our Tribe buys seedling and plants from other greenhouses. This is a viable business if we grow our plants in the correct elevations we could be selling the excess product.

TERO Training Trades: Construction, Electrical, building, finish work. We have programs with funds to assist these training instead of contracting out. Help members become self- sufficient so they can support their families. Find employment for our membership.

Culture: We are losing the traditional lifestyle of our people. Language is being reinstated for our people, but we need healing and praying sites? Our Tribe has many different practices that are being lost. The Long House, Shaker and winter dance, the gathering and preparation process. Our ancestors teachings of respect and care for the water, land and animals are all part of these prayers.

Clean and Restore our Reservation: We need more housing and a major clean up in our communities that have numerous condemned residence and properties. 

 Work alongside me, a leader takes direction and ideas to improve our reservation and life. I want to communicate with all the districts and will listen to your ideas for improvements, and overall needs. I will represent all the members of our Tribe.

Clarity for membership, financial budgets and changes to programs need to be quarterly reports in the Tribune. 

I can pass a back ground check, a drug test, and have good Credit. I am privileged to call myself a Proud Native. I am a Tribal Member first, before any position I hold, I have not changed my views from my primary letter and my Goals are not promises but ideas of improvement in our Tribe. We need to protect our future.   

There is a lot of change that needs to be done to improve our lives; I want the opportunity to work on more change for our Tribe.

Thank you for reading my letter and hopefully your continued support in the General Election.


Omak Position 2

Karen Condon


I am so grateful for all of your support  during the Primary  Election;  limlmtx! The General Election is, June 22, 2019, and I am asking for your support again.

My primary election letter focused on Council qualifications and a few other issues, this letter will do the same.

Council qualifications - minimum age limit 35 years old by midnight the day before certification of candidates; criminal background checks including tribal, local, state and federal; alcohol and drug testing; and, term limits. If two year terms continue to be the norm, then candidates and sitting Council, are limited to six terms (a total of twelve years), which do not have to be consecutive. The exception is when a tribal member is elected during a special election to finish a term for a removed or deceased Council member.

Revisions to the EPM. For the past few years, there has been a  push to over  regulate  the conduct of tribal members that are also employees. The Colville Tribes is not a police state and we should not be acting as one.

As the largest employer in Central Washington, the tribal organization should be focusing on how to improve employee conditions and retention, while making sure they are receiving the support and benefits necessary for them to become self-sufficient, capable of taking care of themselves and their families.

The notion that there is a difference between the tribal member and tribal employee, is a problem that needs to be resolved immediately. We must all remember that the federal government set up the current system of government, program services, enrollment qualifications, law enforcement, and so on, but at the core we are still tribal members with our own cultures, languages and ways of living. We must learn to honor who we are as native people and to change the way in which we treat each other, otherwise we will no longer be any different than any other group if we continue to move towards obliterating our humanity and completely assimilating with the dominant culture.

For some reason, there is a desire by some tribal members to focus only on one issue, which is rez wide voting.

Rez wide voting is an issue that I mentioned previously and while I support it there needs to be a lot of discussion prior to a referendum vote, and: l)all candidates must meet the qualifications that I think need to be approved first and foremost; 2)Primary District voting; 3)General Rez wide voting; 4)any candidates interested in the Chair and Vice-Chair positions, must fill out a petition for that specific position; S)Primary District voting - Chair and Vice-Chair; 6)General Rez wide voting - Chair and Vice-Chair; ?)term limits, mentioned above, will pertain to the Chair and Vice-Chair positions.

Other issues I support include, l)forensic audit of the entire tribal organization; 2)Strategic Plan that includes a Vision and Mission statement and, goals and objectives for each program, department, CBC Committees and, Council; 3)Capital Plan that focuses on future infrastructure, that must compliment the Strategic Plan; 4)Business Plans for all of the projects included in the Capital Plan (shovel ready); S)Climate Change Plan; 6)Constitution Reform. If these issues can be addressed, I believe the Tribes, as a whole, will be more successful.

I hope the above issues will convince you to vote for me in the General Election.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at 509-322-6204.


Karen Condon

PO Box 627

Omak, WA 98841

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