There are a lot of opportunities to buy real estate if you are a Colville Tribal member.  We have multiple programs to get you started.  We require you fill out an application completely and send in proof of income (pay stub, tax returns etc.).  We have a home purchase program, equity program, a land purchase program and a refinance program.  

We have a real estate loan program to purchase homes with loan rates from 4% to 5.5%.  These programs have competitive rates.  Bank of America has a 30 year fixed rate listed at 4.25%; Chase Bank’s 30 year mortgage is listed at 4.5%; and the 30 year mortgage fixed rates in the Wall Street Journal for 01/28/18 are listed at 4.61%.

Tribal Credit’s equity loan program is between 5% and 6% and requires 80% loan to value.  Some customers use the equity in their home to consolidate debt or fix up their homes.

Our land purchase program is for purchases of land within the boundaries of the Colville reservation.  Our current rate is 4.5%.  Not all lending institutions let you finance property only.  

Real estate can also be refinanced and our rates are between 4% and 5%.  Check out our rates and compare to see if you can save money.

If you are looking for financing you should compare our rates and consider using us.  We have many appealing programs such as home purchases, equity loans, land loans on the reservation and a refinance program.  We have other programs and one is our signature loan program that many customers use to pay delinquent debt and repair their credit.  Our lower rates are reserved for the borrowers with better credit which could be you if you start paying your bills on time, keep your insurance current and taxes paid.  If you have any questions call us at 509-634-2664 or John Smith at 509-634-2661.  We are looking to report to the credit bureau so moving your accounts to Tribal Credit will give you a chance to affect your credit score in the future.

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