My relatives, it is time to stand in unity, in prayer to ask creator kwul’n chut’n for relief for all the loss, the heart ache and pain that our Colville Reservation has felt.

We have sweat on this for some time, have met with our leaders and elders and have determined to come together here at the Nespelem Community Center May 29th and 30th.

Everyone from all districts, on/off the rez, all walks of faith are welcome. Eventually we hope to spread this to all districts.

The elders want young people there.

We have speakers who will be both young as well as the older traditional and hopefully a famous Colville comedian will appear too. I am inviting everyone to come to celebrate life.

Hold one another up in prayer and support one another. This will be dedicated to everyone who is struggling.  

There will be people here to talk to, to visit, to laugh with to sweat with, to pray to ask for help or to relax or maybe find relief thru exercise or other forms of healing.

The event may spill over into the 31st if enough people are interested in doing so, this weekend is for you.

However, this is NOT a tribal event to speak, it is a event that is “for people-by people” meaning we ALL must come together and bring food, help out and be a part of the event.

This is part of the structure of living and independence and self sufficiency that we hope to strive for. We all take care of one another, each one of us have an active part in the community, we all share in each others pain, we all share in each others success.

We want the youth to know they are cared for, that there are people here to talk to and people here who really love them and want the best for them.

Same for all our relatives that are hurting from loss, grief and addictions. That our people must know there is support here and that there are many various religions, walks of life and beliefs that are available to them if they want it.

Celebration of life will start Friday evening with a sweat here at the community center. Saturday around lunch time we will gather at the NCC.

Please bring a item for the pot luck dinner that will take place that evening. If you know someone who might benefit from this, please bring them.

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