NESPELEM - The Colville Tribal Fish and Wildlife has issued a release stating several tribal members have not called in to claim their Special Hunt Tags for the 2020 season.

The deadline is July 31, and any unclaimed tags will be redrawn.

To claim a tag, contact the Nespelem Fish and Wildlife Office at 509-634-2110 or the Inchelium Office at 509-722-7659.

On Facebook, CTFW staff shared this list of names as follows;

Agapith, Durrell
Anderson, Clinton
Bray, Zachary
Brooks III, Ernest
Brooks, Sirrough SC
Campbell Jr., Vance R
Chaney, Shelly
Charles JR, Fredrick
Circle, Trevor
Conant, Joshua
Covington, Austin
Desautel, David
Desautel, Misty Dawn
Desautel, Sylvia
Edwards, Cassandra
Esquivel, James
Finley, Michael
Hall Sr., Duane
Louie, Donavin
Marchand, Blake
Meusy, Violet
Morin, Rhandi
Moulton, Nathaniel
Pakootas, Beau Hunter
Pakootas, Laelah Mattie
Pakootas, Mane Rider
Pakootas, Marsha E
Palmer, Leslie
Palmer, Tyler
Peasley, Tyler
Picard, Alanna
Reyes, John
Romero, Kyler
Seymour, Anthony
Seymour, Chasity
Seymour, Dakatta
Seymour, Dayton
Seymour, Douglas
Seymour, Gilbert Brian
Simpson, Jazminn
St. Pierre, John
St. Pierre, John
Stanger, Brian Anthony
Stensgar, Alan
Swan, Khaila
Tonasket, Gary
Tonasket, Trudi
Whitelaw, John
Wilson, Kastin
Wilson, Tony
Wulff, Gerald

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