CHENEY - My time here at Eastern Washington University has been everything and nothing like I expected.

The people who I thought were my friends weren’t, the people who were complete randos are shaping up to be the closest I’ve ever been with a person. What I thought was going to be an epic quest has been but a series of ordinary days.

I am learning how to be responsible and manage my time, and how that fits with what I want in life, and how to obtain it. When should I work on this one thing and when to scroll through my phone, watch TV, and play games. Should I move on to something similar that fits my work ethic?

I have also opened myself up to exciting concepts and subjects that I previously never even considered. Which are surprisingly interconnected. Like Sociology and Journalism. You wouldn’t think they have anything in common, but they both relate to how people shape our society and how that interferes with our daily lives and others.

I also hope to join clubs and take other classes that will broaden my horizons—at the same time, getting through the ones I have to take to get my degree. Though, I still need to figure out which ones I can take for fun and which ones I need to do what I want. Also, which ones I am capable of accomplishing.

I look forward to getting my degree so I can finally start my journalism career and start making a difference, but I also look forward to all the new experiences that I would not otherwise have had if I were at home. I hope to grow as a person and find out who I am.

Which will help me learn to exist as a person and become a better journalist or whatever I decide to do after school. Which, in the long run, would help me help people much more if I hadn’t. None of which is easy of course, but I know I have the support of my community and my family to help me out when things get too overwhelming. So I know that no matter what, I will be okay.

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