Exactly what are the vaccines?

The vaccine that is currently available on the Reservation is made by Moderna, and it is an mRNA (or messenger) vaccine.  It does not contain the COVID-19 virus or any other virus.  It is a substance developed by scientists that trains your body to react to the COVID-19 virus and fight it.

How effective are the vaccines?

More than 90% effective after the second dose.

Are they safe?

Yes.  Literally thousands of scientists from different countries, agencies, and companies have worked together to study and develop vaccines that are as safe as any that have ever been produced.

Are COVID-19 vaccines being held to the same safety standards as other vaccines in the United States?

Yes. COVID-19 vaccines are being held to the same safety standards as all other vaccines. Government agencies and scientific groups evaluate the safety of vaccines being given to people in the United States.  The COVID-19 vaccines were developed more quickly than other vaccines because of the billions of dollars of resources spent to develop them.  Changes in technology, scientific advancements, and working together also helped to increase the speed of development, production, and distribution.

Are there side effects?

Yes, but they are usually mild.  Common side effects that you can expect may include injection site pain (shoulder pain or soreness), headache, low fever, a feeling of tiredness/being run down, or body aches.  These side effects usually only last 12-24 hours.  There have been a very few serious reactions to COVID-19 vaccines.  The amount of media coverage would make one think that there are many reactions, but these reactions are actually very rare.

Should I be vaccinated even if I’ve already had COVID-19?

Yes. The vaccine researchers believe that receiving the vaccine will only improve your immunity to COVID-19.

What vaccines are available?

The vaccine that is currently being distributed by the Indian Health Service clinics and LRCHC is the Moderna vaccine.  Another similar vaccine made by Pfizer is being distributed through the state, and more vaccines are being developed and approved.

Who is the priority?

Nationally and on the reservation, elders and frontline health care workers are the first priority for receiving the vaccine, and based on these priorities, a plan has been put in place to distribute the vaccine. Read about the Colville Tribes' Distribution Plan here.

Vaccines are being distributed by the IHS Clinics and LRCHC:

IHS Clinic Nespelem – (509) 634-2913                                                         IHS Clinic Omak – (509) 422-7735

LRCHC Inchelium – (509) 722-7006                                                             LRCHC Keller - (509) 722-7006

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