NESPELEM, WA – The Colville Tribes announces that the Tribes’ annual general membership meeting will be held remotely this year. The entire November 23, 2020 issue of the Tribal Tribune will be dedicated to answering questions from tribal members. A written report to members will also be distributed.

The change in format for the general membership meeting is due to the ongoing threat posed by COVID-19, as the possibility of infectious spread of the disease is particularly high during large in-person gatherings. To protect the health and safety of all involved, members will be encouraged to submit written questions which may be answered in the special November 23 edition of the Tribal Tribune. Members may submit their questions online at or at Questions may also be delivered in person to the Tribune’s office at 17 Nespelem / San Poil St., Nespelem, WA 99155, or mailed into the Tribune via U.S. mail at Tribal Tribune, attn: General Membership, P. O. Box 150, Nespelem, WA 99155.

The Chairman of the Colville Tribes, Rodney Cawston, said, “Every member of the Colville Business Council knows how important the general membership meeting is to our tribal members. It is important to Council, too, as an occasion for the Tribes to come together as a community and to share our visions for the present and future. However, as we have said from the beginning of the global pandemic, our number one priority will always be to protect the lives and health of all tribal members and residents of the Reservation. A large in-person meeting is just not safe at this time, so we are offering tribal members another way to make their voices heard.”

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