COEUR D’ALENE—the Council for Tribal Employment Rights (CTER) awarded the designation of TERO of the year to The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation at their dinner banquet being held at their annual conference at the Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort • Hotel on August 9, 2019.

The CTER organization founded in 1977, and currently represents the interests of over 300 Tribal and Alaska Native Villages and is subdivided into eight regions throughout the nation.

“The past year has been a terrific year of accomplishments for the TERO team,” said John MacClain, TERO Director. “We have been able to impact the quantity and quality of work getting achieved for all of our TERO clients, whether they are in the trades or Certified Title 10 businesses.”

The staff was able to develop our Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles late last year. They have been working hard to meet those promises and outcomes, MacClain said.

TERO’s vision of Practice Tradition, Build the Future and Train for Opportunities. They are reshaping their focus towards service delivery while continuing the critical work of compliance with Indian Preference on the reservation.

“We have been redesigning our processes to better align with new technologies that are available,” said MacClain. “We have put our XTIRI database program to work to streamline reporting, compliance plan tracking, job dispatching, and fee invoicing.”

He said the change had made the annual updating required by the Title 10 Certified firms, and the TERO Client 6-month updates more manageable for the TERO staff.

Roberta Bearcub, who is in charge of planning and scheduling TERO training, has seen an improvement in both the frequency and quality of training made available over the past year.

“We go out and discuss what has been working with other TEROs around our region, and then we bring their best ideas home with us,” she said. “We used to send one individual out for training, and we have been able to increase opportunities by bringing those trainers to us.”

From a compliance standpoint, the TERO staff continues to ensure that a maximum number of tribal members get dispatched to the trades worksites on the reservation. By way of example, staff mentors many of the workers sent to consider joining the labor unions to gain maximum opportunities in both wages and training opportunities.

This year has also placed a renewed focus on ensuring that all management roles at CTFC have tribal members in current positions. Also, have the non-members train tribal members for eventual placement in their area with the passage of Resolution 2019-286.

TERO also presented Resolution 2019-246 relating to trade people rates of pay. The ck̓ʷul̓st sqlaw̓ Scale approved by CBC and takes effect on Oct. 1, 2019, and establishes a defined schedule for all construction conducted on the Colville Reservation.

The TERO Director has requested to be on future district meeting agendas to explain more about the new wage scale and other changes in TERO.

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