Keller, WA – Colville Tribes has five uncontrolled wildfires on the Colville Reservation. Two fires are located near Omak WA and three fires are near Inchelium, WA. All fires are under investigation. Due to extreme winds all aircraft are grounded. Evacuations have been issued please be aware of the definitions below: 

Level 3 means “GO - Danger in your area is imminent and life threatening.” 

Level 2 means “SET – Be Alert. There is significant danger to your area. Consider voluntarily relocating to a shelter or with family/friends outside the affected area. 


Cold Springs Road Fire was reported Sunday night at approximately 9:45 pm. This wind driven fire is fueled by grass, sage brush and quickly burnt 10,000 acres. The fire jumped the Columbia River and is burning toward Bridgeport, WA. Several structures are threatened including: homes, tribal facilities and outbuildings. Tribal Police reported one home lost to fire. This area is under a Level 3 evacuation. 

Level 3 evacuations for residents along HWY 97 have been notified of a Level 3 Evacuation. This also includes residents at Timentwa Flats, Cold Springs Road to Omak Lake and 8th Ave. East Omak. 

Road closure included: Columbia River Road from Omak to Nespelem, WA; and Hwy 97 from Rodeo Trail Gas Station, Omak, WA to Bridgeport, WA. 

Sleepy Hollow Fire has been burning a stock pile of woodchip from the former Mill. High winds caused this fire to merge with the Cold Springs Road Fire. A Type 3 Team has been ordered and base camp will be setup at the Omak Stampede Grounds. 


Fry Fire is located near Moon Mountain has burned 500 acres burning rapidly. This area is under a Level 3 evacuation for residents living near Twin Lakes and Metor Road including North & South Twin. 

Inchelium Highway Fire is burning near Hall Creek. This fire has burned 2,500 acres. Resources: 2 type 6 engines. 

Level 3 evacuation for residents near Hall Creek, Cobbs Creek, and Buttercup Lan 

Level 2 evacuation for residents from Bridge Creek Road to Seyler Valley Road. 

Kewa Field Fire has burned 5,000 acres. Firefighters are doing point protection constructing fire lines around structures. Resources: 1 man crew, 1 dozer with heavy equipment boss. This area is under a Level 2 Evacuation for residents in Kewa Valley.

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