A #TribuneThrowback photo from the July Celebration in 1979.

NESPELEM - The Colville Confederated Tribes’ July Celebration and Powwow has been postponed until further discussion, which will take place on July 15.

“The Nespelem Powwow and or celebration is and has been a marquee celebration related to the Colville Reservation as a whole with a very dynamic history related to the reservation and not just to Nespelem district,” wrote Colville Business Council Culture Committee Chair Darnell Sam.

“There have been many fallouts related to this COVID-19 pandemic, we know this always has been a moving target. So from our last meeting a few weeks ago we, the CBC, decided that we would wait until the July 15 whether to go forward with the powwow or cancel. Fourth of July weekend will be telltale if things escalate with the pandemic and we want to be very diligent to the idea we want to protect the people but knowing the healing and traditional aspects to the powwows still keep our options open.”

The powwow committee moved under the CBC Culture Committee last year. 

The annual powwow was set for June 28 through July 12, but now the powwow and stickgame committees will hold a meeting with the Colville Business Council to make a final decision on the powwow, July 15.

Sam continued to note that a number of families had begun setting up camps and conducting traditional practices at the powwow grounds, and the council member clarified those acts were not part of the powwow but rather the traditional practices of individual families.

Sam continued to note, “A request was made from some of the elders to set up and have camps down at the celebration grounds. They wanted at least to set up their teepees and camps to commemorate the traditional aspect of honoring our teachings and traditions. Also there was notions and indications that a few families had planned to have a few services related to normal camp openings. It is and most likely will be some misconceptions to we are having the powwow from this setup.”

The meeting will be held in CBC Chambers.

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