Operations Today: Firefighters faced new challenges on the Chuweah Creek Fire as temperatures and winds increased across the fire area yesterday. The addition of two hotshot crews and other resources contributed to successful advances on the fireline during the both the day and night shifts.

A drone intrusion into airspace on the south part of the fire yesterday grounded air resources temporarily, impacting firefighting efforts.

An aggressive, direct approach will continue today in anticipation of gusty winds and low relative humidity later in the week. Line construction along the north and east edges remains a priority as crews work to utilize natural terrain features and roads to establish anchor points. Crews will focus on containment in the northeast corner of the fire and will continue to hold the line along Keller Butte Ridge on the eastern flank. Engines will continue to patrol south and west edges of the fire.

Central Peak Fire remains staffed with resources and has shown little growth over the last 24 hours.

NW Team 12 continues to share resources and intelligence with California Team 10 on the Summit Trail Fire, which is located northeast of the Chuweah Creek Fire.

For information about the Summit Trail Fire, call 385.999.1380

Evacuations and Road Closures:

• Level 1 evacuation notifications are in place for residents of the town of Nespelem as well as the town of Keller, Buffalo Lake and McGinnis Lake communities and the San Poil Valley/Highway 21 corridor from South Nanamkin to the Keller Ferry.

• Level 2 evacuations are in place for residents at Owhi Flats and east of Owhi Lake, as well as residences along Cache Creek Rd. Road closures include: • Cache Creek Road

• Buffalo Lake Road between Manila and Cache Creek Rd. • Cache Creek (Agency) Cut Off Road

Air quality information is available at http://wasmoke.blogspot.com/

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