PUBLIC NOTICE – Tribal Code section 1-8-41

April 13, 2023

A Special Session of the Colville Business Council was held on April 13, 2023. A prior evidentiary hearing into allegations of unethical conduct committed by Vice Chairman Jack Ferguson resulted in Findings of Fact. The findings made after hearing evidence were that Vice Chairman Ferguson did violate the Council’s Code of Professional Responsibility, specifically sections 1-8-20(a)(1), (5) and (8) by using his position to obtain financial gain or something of substantial value for himself, and by asking for, receiving, or agreeing to receive something of value upon the understanding that his vote, opinion, judgment or action would be influenced thereby, and that he appeared before a department or program of tribal government for compensation that was contingent upon action by that department or program of tribal government. Further, Vice Chairman Ferguson violated Code section 1-8-2 by committing neglect of duty or gross misconduct when he committed the violations of section 1-8-20.

Having made those Findings of Fact, Recommendations were made to sanction the unethical conduct. Those recommendations included the expulsion of Jack Ferguson from the Colville Business Council, as the conduct was a serious offense, or a repeated offense, and indicated that the Councilmember was unable to responsibly fulfill his duties to the Tribes or to protect the public trust. No fine was recommended.

The task of the Colville Business Council in today’s Special Session was to vote to accept or reject the Findings of Fact and Recommendation for expulsion. All thirteen currently sitting Councilmembers participated in today’s vote, except for Jack Ferguson, who was absent. The vote was 12-1 to accept the Findings of Fact and Recommendation for expulsion.

Accordingly, Jack Ferguson has been expelled from the Colville Business Council. The expulsion is effective immediately.

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