NESPELEM - The Colville Business Council’s Election Committee finalized the 2019 CBC General Election with a count of absentee ballots, Thursday in Nespelem.

In Inchelium, incumbent candidate Joel Boyd, in position one, and challenger Roger L. Finley, in position two, won the opportunity to represent the district.

In position one, Boyd received 316 votes, while his challenger, Larry K. Allen, received 182 votes.

In position two, Finley received 273 votes while incumbent candidate Elizabeth L. (Susie) Allen received 225 votes.

In Keller, incumbent candidate Jack Ferguson received 122 votes, topping his challenger, Edward J.E. Cohen, who received 101 votes.

In Nespelem, incumbent CBC chair Rodney Cawston in position one and challenger Jarred-Michael Erickson in position two will serve on the upcoming CBC representing the Nespelem district. 

Cawston earned 397 votes, while challenger Charlene Bearcub earned 303 votes in the position one race. 

In the position two race, Erickson earned 407 votes while Andy C. Joseph Jr. earned 297 votes. Joseph had served on council since 2003.

In Omak, both incumbents Norma Sanchez and Karen Condon were reelected to represent the district.

In the position one race, Sanchez received 391 votes and Michael Marchand received 137 votes.

In the position two race, Condon received 343 votes and Edwin Marchand received 185 votes.

The CBC Oath of Office will be held, July 11, at the Lucy F. Covington Government Center in Nespelem.

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