The Colville Service Unit and Lake Roosevelt Community Health Center Clinics of the Colville Confederated Tribes are offering COVID-19 Random Testing.  This means if a patient of any of our clinics would like to have a test they can come to any of our 4 clinics.  

Why Random Testing?  

We want to determine if we have an asymptomatic cases in our community and care for them accordingly.  These tests will be exempt from the Quarantine order, so patients will not be required to quarantine until a result is received.  Most tests will be the Rapid test available.  In the event a positive case is detected the Health Officer will issue the required isolation order.  

Below is the schedule of hours for the testing; of course if a person is symptomatic or has been exposed or suspect they have been exposed it is very important for them to be tested.  


Colville Service Unit - Nespelem 

M, T, Th, F  9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Afternoons or Wednesdays would call for an appointment 509-634-2913

Colville Service Unit - Omak 

Encouraged to call for an appointment of curbside testing 509-422-7416

Lake Roosevelt Community Health Center - Inchelium 

Encouraged to call for an appointment of curbside testing 509-722-7006

Lake Roosevelt Community Health Center - Keller 

Encouraged to call for an appointment of curbside testing 509-722-7313

Remember our number strongest defenses to keeping the COVID-19 Virus from our communities are: 

  • Keep it from coming into our communities
  • Don’t travel or have company to or from high risk areas 
  • Practice social distancing 
  • Use a mask

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